I'm looking for a photo of an Eldorado Trike that was fabricated and driven in the Athens Georgia area. I personally have seen and inspected this trike. It was a complete car minus the cabin. In other words, the trunk section was grafted to the front end at the removed windshield. A member came out of the grill and was fitted with a motorcycle seat, front wheel, handle bars and controls connected to the throttle, brakes and gear shift of the Eldorado. It was a very weird thing to meet or pass with a person sitting in front of the car grill. My understanding of the history of this trike is that the builder/owner took the trike in to a mechanic for maintenance. The mechanic took the trike out for a test drive and wrecked it. The trike was totaled. The owner was so distraught that he shot the mechanic grave yard dead. I remember him being sentenced to jail. (I would have let him go) If anyone has a photo of this Eldorado Trike, I would like to get a copy. Thanks Bob Foster