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Thread: 1998 Eldorado rear suspension

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    1998 Eldorado rear suspension

    What are the signs of the rear suspension wearing out? I have the ESC trim so I have the passive struts right? And HOW can me and my father check if its time to change or still good.

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    Re: 1998 eldorado rear suspension

    Quote Originally Posted by eldorado_sean View Post
    What are the signs of the rear suspension wearing out? I have the ESC trim so I have the passive struts right? And HOW can me and my father check if its time to change or still good.
    the Electronic Level Control system has been discussed a million times -
    do a search for ELC system - or ALC system -

    all 1998 thru 2002+ Cadillac Deville - Seville and Eldorado use the same basic systems -
    and they all function the same basic way -
    although SOME parts will be different between models -

    rear shocks with intigrated air bladders -
    ride height sensor -
    air compressor assembly -
    air lines from the compressor to the shocks -

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    Re: 1998 Eldorado rear suspension

    Yep ^^^ ........... ELC is for rear height control due to extra weight in the trunk or back seat. It has nothing to do with suspension (shock absorber) control.

    Rear height control system checks: 8 - 10 seconds after Key: ON you should hear the ELC compressor run for a couple of seconds to do a prove-out and shock bladder preload. Get 2 assistants, pop the trunk. Turn the key on and listen for the prove-out. Now, all 3 of you sit on the open trunk lip. The compressor should run and level the rear of the car. OK? Everybody hop off and you listen in the RR wheelwell for escaping air - as the system again levels the rear. If that all works, the height system is good.

    If not, then you need to pull any trouble codes from the car's built in code reader/scanner/memory. Study the proper year and car groups in the sticky post ^^^ "How to pull codes". Write them all down, whether each is Current or History, and return to the sticky and use the links to get to sites of code definitions. Write down all your found definitions and post it all in this thread.

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    Re: 1998 Eldorado rear suspension

    The pump was coming on often so I replaced my rear shocks. I was afraid it would burn out. Everything is fine now. I would do some homework. The parts are very expensive. You don't want to replace anything yo don't need to.

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    Re: 1998 Eldorado rear suspension

    You mean all '97-'99 Deville, '97-'02 Eldorado and '97 Seville use the exact same suspension components.
    So do all '98-'03 Seville and '00-'05 Deville.
    But pretty much all '92+ cars used the same basic suspension, the difference was with the controls mainly.
    You can fit on your Cadillac up to ~05 the same ELC compressor used on the early 80's Cadillacs providing you change the brackets and the connector (still same wires, same specifications).

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    Re: 1998 Eldorado rear suspension

    My 98 ETC was riding like crap where I kept feeling the rear end oscillate when hitting a bump. A visual look showed the shocks had lost all their fluid.


    Another symptom besides the car riding bad was my tires became chopped (you run your hand over the surface and feel if it's uneven) since they continually bounce when driving. This was found at a routine inspection during an oil change.
    For the front struts, a co-worker also noticed the tire continually bouncing when driving on the highway which confirmed they were bad.
    The passenger front tire had also collapsed when driving at 75MPH (scared the crap out of me) and there was no obvious cause.
    I attributed it to the tire bouncing.

    To save $$, I replaced everything with the passive struts/shocks.


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