I am in the process of installing the transaxle cooling line that goes from the top driver's side of the radiator to the firewall side of the transaxle just behind the exhaust manifold. (The engine is out.)

The one I removed was routed under the transmission case and up to the radiator connection. I ordered what I thought was the replacement part from Rock Auto and the two are not the same. The new one is configured so it routes over the top of the transmission case just in front of the main wiring harness.

It appear to about the right length and position to still connect to the radiator in the proper place, but I don't want to install it and the engine only to find that it doesn't fit properly.

Does anyone know if Cadillac changed the configuration of this part sometime and if the new part will work? I have looked through the technical bulletins in the FSM but found nothing.

The parts diagram from which I found the part number to order shows it routed under the transmission case like the original one.

Does anyone have any input?