alright guys, the purge line was definitely clogged. so got that taken care of. however me and my dad have done some tinkering on the rear end sitting so high and found one of the main culprits. the leveling sensor on the driver side has a busted arm on it and was all the way up on the sensor.

couple questions i have tho. i don't think that the sensor is any good, because with the tire removed if i push the arm down on the sensor it doesn't do anything. and if i push up it doesn't pump up either. i did how ever hear a couple times when messing with it a couple burst of air come out from under the car. but not enough to make the car drop.
so for now we pulled the air line off to get all of the air out of the shocks. i have seen on a couple of forums that you can ground a white wire and it should exhaust some of the air. where exactly would this white wire be? there was no white wire on the harness for the leveling sensor. i just want to check if the exhaust silinoid is OK as well. compressor seems to be running ok.


oh yeah and there are no trouble codes related to suspension