just posting as a reference for future searches, as when I searched I found very few resources.

so I bought my 1998 sts with the code present and I replaced the steering wheel position sensor just because im an idiot and I didn't troubleshoot it. wasted 200 dollars. I could not find the SWPS on any schematic, alldata and Mitchell, not under abs, steering, or suspension diagrams.. wtf..

so the SWPS signal is received by the EBTCM and converted into a PWM signal which is sent to the RSS module. everything I read had mentioned the gray wire being the wire that sends that signal. so I focused on that.. found that I did have a PWM signal at the RSS module so I thought the module was bad... but I then I realized on the suspension schematic, there were two wires for the PWM between the EBTCM and RSS. checked the other wire(white) and of course it was open.. wtf so easy

looking at the EBTCM connector while its plugged in, its the upper right most wire (white) that was open.. the gray wire is right below that. I ran a jumper wire to save the trouble of pulling everything apart.

the warning is now off and I cant believe how much better the car handles. it really does make a difference..
I read that the RSS will still operate but just ignore the SWPS signal.. but it really likes all its inputs..

hope this helps someone ..


on that note I have my old one if anyone needs one...