for some reason i can't reasize the other picture at this time but will try to later
but i compared this strut to the old factory one plus pictures of what they post pictures of new ones online like the pictures you find on ebay or amazon or other websites that sell our f45 struts

when looking at it
it looks different but you really have to look close
like the top plate that the retainer click to keep the shocks and struts compressed during shipping the plate the clip hooks onto its different doesn't like like it does on the old one or in the pictures

also you can see where the black paint doesn't exsist in some area near the top of the strut looks like it had been opened up and then re welded shut after rebuilding

you can notice some difference but they are both ACDELCO OEM but does anyone know if its real that they reman these after and where the hell would they do it at
id think that this is something that we should try to figure out
might help us save some money
has to be somewhere we can send our old struts off to have them remand

this link here if you look at the picture you see the difference