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Thread: No performance options for the northstar engine?

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    No performance options for the northstar engine?

    According to a previous post I read on here, is it the general opinion that neither with a MAGNA FLOW/FLOWMASTER set up in combination with a K&N Air Filter that theres no real perfomance gains to be had with the NorthStar engines from 1998-2004? Is it that minimal a performance gain?!?

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    Re: No performance options for the northstar engine?

    There should be a small gain with the exhaust. The K&N, probably not.

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    Re: No performance options for the northstar engine?

    K&N can actually cost you HP. Drop $1800 on a Corsa exhaust and you can get about 5 HP. No magic chips, no turbos, no superchargers.

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    Re: No performance options for the northstar engine?

    chubbyranger is absolutely correct. K&N is nothing other than high priced advertising that has gotten out of hand.

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    Re: No performance options for the northstar engine?

    ..............not to mention that, when using an oiled air filter, there's always the chance of contaminating airflow and idle sensors from excess oil saturation ("If a little bit is good, more must be better......."). Oiled and oil bath air cleaners were the norm back in the 50's and before. With the development of the pleated paper filter, the old oil cleaners went away. A name brand modern pleated paper filter is extremely efficient, filtering on the 20-30 micron level (20/1,000,000ths of an inch) and is also high flow by design. Atmospheric pressure at sea level is about 14.7psi, so absolute vacuum is about negative 14.7 psi (zero) or negative 30 inches of mercury, "inches" being the calibration on a vacuum gauge. A WIX filter for my 2002 STS presents less than 0.25" of vacuum restriction at WOT. Inconsequential.

    Depending on the model of Northstar FWD Cadillac, CORSA makes a limited number of systems. Right now the late Seville system catback is going for about $1180, shipping included, at


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