I love how some things come out easy but just will NOT go back in. I managed so far to remove 3 of them without much trouble, all still attached to their brackets. Ill be damned if they go back in that way. I was told you need to drop the exhaust to get them out, and maybe the gas tank. I was told you need to drop the exhaust to get it back in, and maybe the gas tank. Well its easy to get it out without dropping either, but it wont go in without a 20 pound sledgehammer. I ended up undoing the body mount above the axle on the passenger side only, about 8 turns, and used some persuation with a prey bar to separate the axle/frame from the body a bit and made the gap big enough to push the compressor through by hand. I did it without the mouting bracket attached. Stuffed the bracket in first, then lined it all up, did the bracket up, mounted the pump. THEN plug everything in. I needed so much force to attach theplastic lines that i had to mount the pump first. The wiring and the rubber lines go on easy. I ended up using the flat tip of my pry bar as a leverage to press the cips of the little bracket for the plastic lines on and it finaly snapped in place.

Thi brings me to my next conclusion. After removing 3, i can see why they go bad. There is what i think is an air intake line going to the trunk. The trunk leaks, and the pump sucks water into the chamberwhere the solenoid resides. All 3 pumps i looked at were massively corroded inside, 2 had dead solenoids that were loaded with rust.

I dont know what the torque spec is on the body mount bolt. I'll wager any car as old as mine thats seen any form of weather wont matter though. Its a rectangular moun and it looks like a metal plate over the rubber that the bolt head compresses against, and i crushed that plate on my car without mch force. I dont notice any noise or feel anything unusual, but i guess thats something to watch out for next time.

Anyhow, just thinking out loud and passing along info to those interested