I’m looking for a picture with both of the following cars in it: A 95 – 02 Eldorado ETC and a 95 – 97 Seville STS. The color of the cars does not matter and they can be parked, driving or racing. Angle is not important either as long as both cars are clean, un-wrecked and can be easily identified. A daytime shot is preferred. Customized cars are okay (only up to 20” wheels). If no one has access to two of these cars at the same time for a picture, a well done “photo shopped” pic will be satisfactory (I have no photo shop program at this time). The picture I am requesting will be used on the home page of a yahoo group I just made for this GM platform car that will specialize in Performance Modifications, Customizing, restoration, vendor products, repairs, and for sale/ wanted to buy/ and parts cars. The picture must look as good or better than the one currently in use. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/...thru97Seville/

Note: The group will in NO WAY be in competition with this forum as it will serve as a special enthusiast group within the yahoo domain. Salvage vendors and car dealers welcome.

Thank you in advance,