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Thread: Switching to Synthetic Oil-Suggestions?

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    Re: Switching to Synthetic Oil-Suggestions?

    Quote Originally Posted by njgeno
    I am away from home for extended periods of time, up to 4-6 weeks. I try to have someone drive the vehicle occassionally but sometimes it is not possible. Will the synthetic help in that situation (extended periods of non-use).
    Yes, I think it does. It leaves a nice coating on everything that doesn't drip off as easily as the fossil stuff does. Supposedly it helps to protect better during cold starts.

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    Re: Switching to Synthetic Oil-Suggestions?

    Ahh, the synth vs. fossil debate. This puppy rages all the time, every time.

    I personally use synthetic in all my vehicles (cars and motorcycles). The reasons for using synthetic in a bike (ALWAYS USE SYNTH) are really different for cars.

    When it comes to cars, synthetic is a choice. If you change your oil regularly, your not on WOT all the time, you don't race or street drag or hit on it most of the time, then you can use a good fossil oil. The non-uniformity of the particles in those oils are not as much of a factor when the engine is run well under it's curve.

    Basically, dino oil is made of different oil molecules of different sizes. Oil lends itself to form chains of molecules of any size. When dino breaks down, the bigger molecules get theirs first, then slowly the rest of it goes under chemical change... but because the molecules are of different sizes, the oil has a shorter lifespan- the point before the oil doesnt provide enough lubrication.

    Synthetic on the other hand is more resilient to breakdown. It takes more heat over more time to break down the molecules, and on top of that, they are all exactly the same. Synthetic lasts longer because there is more useable 'lubrication' per se, over fossil oil.

    In motorcycles, this is important because the clutch, transmission, crank, and cylinders are all lubricated from the same thing: engine oil. Motorcycles can't handle additives, and that oil is getting used for all sorts of things.. so it breaks down quicker.

    However, since cars just use oil for the engine, the oil doesn't experience the same type of conditions. Hence, you can get away with using dino. The only thing that you would need synth for is when your pushing the car's envelope; when you run the engine closer to it's optimum efficiency (max HP), your also making it do the most work, and create the most heat- this breaks dino oil down fast.

    So.. to sum it up: Synth is for bikes and also for cars that are driven like race cars, or for lazy-asses who don't want to change their oil every month. Dino is for everyone else driving a car.

    I use synth because I drive like a race car driver (peak HP giving RPM off the line, optimum cruising speeds, etc..). I'd be dead without a tach.

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