1990 Brougham 5.7 106k Miles...

The story of this car is that it was mainly a highway car owned by an old man and his wife. Second owner was another elderly couple...and then I purchased it in Viburnum MO. (found by Blaze!)

The few things that have gone wrong seem to be common with age or at least what happens to cars with time...the rear shocks were leaking badly and needed to be replaced...and the intake manifold gasket needed to be replaced as it was draining coolant.

The engine seems powerful enough for a comfortable drive without it feeling like its just crawling down the road. Its original wheel setup absorbed the pavement very well. Very comfortable front AND rear seats.

Overall, I'd do it again if I had the chance to buy her again. I am very impressed with the styling, performance and what people say when they see her. Well worth the 3k I paid for her.