Well, I'm a UK owner of one of these fine vehicles, i have owned a few previous imported U.S vehicles, and they are brilliant, however the best one i have owned is my ESV. Although it's phonominal size makes it very difficult to park, and my wife will not drive it. I had to import a DeVille! Anyway my review follows


Superb Equipment
Plasma Screen Tvs as good as the ones at home!
Easy To Drive
Good Quality (sometimes)
fantastic air conditioning

Difficult to park
Expensive to fill up (thus rarely used)
Expensive to import
Doesn't fit in my garages
No lower ratio transmition (i use a range rover instead)
Seats do not warm enough

Overall, this car is fabulous for long journeys (of which i make many) and i think that, if some sort of hybrid were available, i would have purchased this rather than the V8, which is a brilliant power source, the only ouch factor is the consumption, which i can live with, i am however planning to get my garage altered to keep the vehicle in, as it is worth every bother. Did anyone else have this problem??? id be grateful to hear about this as it was so painful it was funny