Have rented the 01, 02, & 03 and bought an '98. The rented devilles were great and I used them each in trips in excess of 4500 miles. All have plenty of power, great fuel mileage and very confrotable. The traction feature was a god send in heavy snow. The '03 had the seats with heating and cooling and were not as comfortable as the others. All were lacking in the cup holder area. The rentals came before the '98 purchase and we are very pleased with the '98...except for the cup holder...really do not like putting a cup over leather.
The '98 is our secondary vehicle and when we pay off the 04 F350 (pulls our RV) I plan to purchase a new deville. It's the ultimate vehicle in my opinion. The only problem I have with the new cadillacs is that they took off the hood ornament and that is a must have if I am to but another caddy. I sure the dealer will put one on at my request.