I bought it about 8 months ago, it had 60,000 miles. I've had no problems with it. It's my first, but not my last Cadillac.


1. Northstar engine: this is a fantastic, WONDERFULL, FANTASTIC engine!!! It makes Glorious sounds when you hit the accelerator, but in normal driving conditions it's a kitty cat. Deffinite dual personality ...YEAH!!!

2. The Bose Sound System, ....GREAT!!!

3. Plenty of space and very comfortable seats.


5. Very smooth transmission

6. Best handling american sedan.


1. Front drive.

2. Leather does not look as expensive as it should.

3. The factory Goodyear's are the worst tires I've ever owned.

4. The steering isn't as precise as I would like,(but that may be in great part due to the tires)

5. The sunroof should have express close.


Great car, I would buy it again. I never thought I 'd like, much less love a Cadillac as much as I do my STS.

For the record, my previous vehicles have been mostly sports cars.