Ya it's a hand me down, but I figured I might as well go with it. I plan on doing a lot to maintain good performance. As of now, the car has blue corner lamps, blue cobra eyes where the front license plate mount used to be, Refurbished bumpers, patched bumper rust ext. Rear, Passanger, and driver blue neons, power inverter with custom switch panel for neons ext. Stock radio, jeryy rigged MP3 mount, (actually looks and works good) Blue vanity mirror bulbs, blue glove box bulb, one 12inch 1000 rms infinity sub and custom enclosure in trunk with 350 rms? amp infinity. Tsunami wiring. blue LED strobe that highlights the sub when trunk is opened. Gold painted hubs, rear license plate frame, and grille. removed plastic under skirt (black thing right under front).
- for fluids. Recently bled brakes, topped power steering fluid, new RADIOTOR cause its blown like twice now, oil of course, antifreeze, windshild wiper ya know basic upkeep. mods I plan on doing or am working on, finishing blue lights, all interiors Back up and flashers, push start (easy so hopefully this weekend if i dont freeze first) Air intake mod, (removal of stock system up until TB cover piece then attaching K&n most likely with a short extension tube.)(check ILLUMINA) home page. Gonna get rid of that old rusted muffler and put on straight through with tip. Lower Springs(1.5-2inches) new distributor cap and rotor and maybe new wire kit. RUST REPAIR AND REMOVAL UNDER BODY . Thats pretty much it haha I got a long ways to go. Oh well Piece talk to you around.