Bought the car in April of 2004 for $7,750. Black w/ tan interior. At the time it had 68k miles on it, now it has just over 80k. I've had to replace the following items since buying the car.

A/C Compressor - Covered under dealer warranty. They originally said it was just the hoses and tried to put it off until after the warranty expired. It took some arguing. Anyways, they put a used compressor in and it still doesn't work. I live in New England so it's not a big problem.

Door Lock Actuator - covered under dealer warranty.
Wheel Speed Sensor - Part of ABS/Traction Control system. $450 parts & labor.
Water Pump & Housing - Total cost = $350 parts & labor.
New Horn - $150 parts & labor.
Flasher Unit - $100 parts & labor.
Total Repairs Cost: $1050

Despite these small issues, the car has been great. Nearly unbeatable when street racing despite no mods. I've come up against many ricers and even a couple Mustangs. No problem. Leave them in the dust. It's also the most comfortable car I've ever owned, and definitely a head turner. After owning this car I'm definitely a Cadillac lover.

I would advise buying an extended warranty. Repairs, even small ones, can add up quickly.