I bought my 2006 cadillac SRX 3 years ago - new. I am so disappointed in it. The different size tires - front tires wear terribly. My panoramic sun roof has been "fixed" 3 times - it won't close without holding the button the entire time. Sometimes it gets halfway and reopens, or 2/3's of the way and reopens, or within an inch and reopens. Has a mind of its own. Interior "plastic" leaves sooo much to be desired. Front seat passenger support handle has been repaired 3 times. Rear air knob just recently broke in half. Had to replace passenger interior door handle because finish was peeling off. Had catalytic converter replaced as well - less than 40,000 miles. It is a beautiful car. I like the storage in the back. I am a 51 yo female and my kids are growns so it's not like I have kids pulling on things and jumping all over the car. I have had clips replaced in the rear and headliner pulling away from seal. I was sooo excited to get this car and now I can't wait to trade it in for something else - maybe I'll go back to Chevy or Buick. I just can't believe this vehicle is such a bummer - I had hoped I would have it for many many years.