I was torn. We live in a middle class town where luxury cars are rare and make you look pretentious, I thought. But since retiring we drive from Canada to Florida every fall and back in the spring. For this long drive we had used a Buick LeSabre. We looked at the replacement, the Lucerne, but wanted one with low mileage in good shape and had trouble finding one. Then we spotted on a Ford dealers lot an 06 DTS in pristine condition. Only 33,000 kms, in light platinum with a set of chrome wheels never used in winter. The leather seats smelled and felt much more luxurious than the ones in the Buick. The trunk was even more huge for all the stuff we have to haul on the trip. It drove like a dream. As this is my wife's car I had to curb my enthusiasm somewhat, so it would be her decision. She bought it.

After the trip south, I have some pros and cons, mostly pros.

It was a pleasure on the trip. The seats seem almost infinitely adjustable and the memory seats are most convenient when two people are driving. The car is much quieter than the Buick, and the engine much superior in performance. Gas mileage was respectable under 9 litres per 100 kms, or over 25 mpg (US).

The driving position is excellent with good views fore and aft. We loved the tri-zone automatic AC which worked unobtrusively and quietly.

I like the styling of this big car, especially the rear and the cool lighting. The digital speedometer is great to have especially when we switched over to mph as it was much easier to get an accurate setting for the cruise control. My wife who has some slight arthritis in her hands loved the heated steering wheel.

The negative list is short. I keep thinking people are looking at me and saying who does he think he is, a rich man? The turning circle rivals that of an eighteen wheeler. I'd like a locking gas filler door. And when did they do away with the traditional Cadillac horn, you know the one which had at least three or four tones all at once. I was so disappointed when it sounded just like every other horn.

That's it. I love this car. :