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Thread: Northstar engine head gaskets

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    Re: Northstar engine head gaskets

    Earls, it been a few days since your last post.
    How did you make out with car??

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    Re: Northstar engine head gaskets

    I hate reading these stories over and over. I genuinely feel for the N* owners whose motor takes a dump leaving them with a non-functional vehicle that outwardly appears perfect. I can empathize with you and I'm sure the good people here understand your frustration. I feel even more sorry for the person who comes along and buys the same car after you trade it in.

    Cadillac should be ashamed! Gm should be ashamed!

    Quote Originally Posted by Earls View Post
    OBTW my husband & I are about to get a divorce over this ....Good luck to us all.
    Was there really any need for the histrionics? Straw that broke the camels back perhaps....but you don't really believe a blown engine resluted in a failed marriage. Do you?
    The above post is my 2 cents....nothing more.

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    Re: Northstar engine head gaskets

    Why GM never issued a recall for these is beyond me. Sure, it's not a "life or death" issue like most recalls are, but ****, it's annoying!

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    Re: Northstar engine head gaskets

    Quote Originally Posted by I~LUV~Caddys8792 View Post
    Why GM never issued a recall for these is beyond me. Sure, it's not a "life or death" issue like most recalls are, but ****, it's annoying!
    Why would they if they weren't forced to? It would cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars to fix everyones head gaskets. Until recently they weren't in the business to lose money.

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    Re: Northstar engine head gaskets

    This is just a shot in the dark, but maybe everyone should start maintaining their coolant systems.
    Here we have someone with HG problems that does not even know what a F ing coolant flush is after having the car for almost 10 years!!! WTF is wrong with you people!!!!!!!!!! Take some responsibility for your lack of action!

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    Re: Northstar engine head gaskets

    Quote Originally Posted by dkozloski View Post
    There have been several changes made in this area over the years. The root cause of most of the failures is inadequate maintenance of the cooling system which includes flushing and refilling with fresh coolant.
    I believe that the root cause is due to poor design. There are many engines out there that don't have this problem Also, there have been several people on this board who have faithfully maintained their coolant system yet have had the head bolts pull loose. This is one of the reasons these car go for so cheap on the used market. Any Northstar engine which has not been Timeserted can blow it's headgaskets at any time. Maintaining your coolant might delay the process but it is just a matter of time before the head bolts pull from the block whether or not you maintain the coolant.

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    Re: Northstar engine head gaskets

    i KNOW what you mean Colombus.

    These N * Seem to be hit or miss. A friend of mine has 160K on his 97 Deville.. My 97 Deville the head popped at 110 K.. ANd I am religious about maintenance ....

    But I dunno, you can't keep getting burned with a manufacture before you buy elsewhere..

    LIke Mercury marine, I bought an optimax in 1999, what Piece of junk motor, broke down all the time and was a brand new motor.. I will never buy another Mercury again after that.

    My old 1991 Deville, was a disaster.. My Mom was original owner, bought from her in college, but after about 112K miles she just started falling apart.. Between the valve job.. The ECU replacement, the AC, then the Tranny, this that, other fuel pump.. But it was an oK car before 112 K miles..
    I love these cars, WOW did I love those nice red leather seats, they were so comfortable in that Deville and fit me perfectly.. But after spending thousands on big ticket Items, I can't take it anymore and you get tired of it.

    Now, my Wife's 1991 LS400 that car is off the charts reliable.. I've replaced tires, brakes, A drivers' side power window motor, and rebuilt the AC/Compressor/orings and dome light.. It has 172K on it and we've had it for 14 years and it still drives like NEW. ANd that car has never tripped a check engine light since we've had it, it's ridiculous....and literally the door hinges, handles, nothing shows looseness or wear and she is tuff on stuff...
    I dont' really consider rebuilding an AC system a problem, compressor's kind of have a service life, but Tranny's, ECU's, head cylinders and such, that 's a different story..

    But I do miss my old 91 Deville.. Maybe the new N* are better, but I'm not going to be another test dummy....
    Belive me I always want to try to buy american, but I can only take soo much, plus I buy used cars, so I have to get something reliable, otherwise I just inherid others problems....

    If the N* Heads pop, just junk it, it isn't worth fixing IMO.

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