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Recently I heard about a technology called direct injection, some tech types have mentioned this may enable higher horsepower, more economical fuel management.

My Northstar is plenty powerful, but I think it should be more refined perhaps balance shafts, or since it's an overhead cam, perhaps "blueprinting." The Northstar has a 10-15year additional life cycle, perhaps some derivaive engines might come out of it. For a upcoming small car, or slightly downscale CTS a new overhead Cam V4, V6. For a top of the line vehicle a premium V12, option. Even though the Sixteens engine garnered kudos, in the fuel starved future, developement costs/EPA Certification wouldn't justify a V16 production.

More cost effective Transmission redesign, 7 speed, and variable gearing in smaller powerplants would help to make the cars more fuel efficient and fun to drive.

GM should look to what they have and improve the line to make it stronger. All of what I have recommended here would also serve to augment the other GM lines also.
eventhough gm is now getting into 6spd automatics, other manufacturers are producing 7spd and 8spd units in their premium brands.

Also i can say from the experience that current northstar engine is much better than the old one with vvt. Eventhough there is only 20hp difference between output, it's much easier to drive around town.