Well first off it’s another busy week here at Cadillac forums. We have had 206 folks join us. Of which quite a few members with the word “titan” in their log on joined up to post once. For this thread it looks like: http://www.cadillacforums.com/forums...7&page=2&pp=20
As a former Nissan owner its nice to see some Nissan folks again, but I don’t exactly approve of the circumstances. At least all the parties involved are being fairly civil about it.

In other news as some of you may have heard we have also got a new crop of moderators. So take it easy on them, since they’re new. Our new mods are: slk230mb, Playdrv4me, DopeStar 156, D148L0, and yours truly. So far for most of us it has been smooth sailing. The members of Cadillac forums make moderating a very easy job. None of the childishness I see at other forums. This experience has shown me how much class we have here. Very proud to be a part of this place. In other forum news Sal is working on a V series forum. Check it out here:

So far there are currently 4 vehicles that I can find that are not doing very well:


Well everyone that’s it for this report, stay tuned. I’m working on an interesting article for tomorrow possibly. Showing some interesting things about the future of Cadillac from one author’s point of view from the early 1970s. Here is a hint; Felix Wankel has something to do with it.