Think of this as part 2 of the story posted this week. First off rumor has it we will get our first look during the Superbowl of the XLR-V along with shots of the STS-V and CTS-V. The superbowl Ads will be somewhere around 5 seconds in length. THAT’S RIGHT 5 SECONDS! So you beater look fast as current shots show a very blurry CTS-V. According to the Detroit news this will cost GM $4.8 million for a total of a single minute of airtime. So why 5 seconds? Well that’s how fast the V series runs to 60. According to GM It also signifies the contest in which filmmaker type folks can enter a contest to make a short 5 second film showing off the power or the V series. Check it out here: The contest looks like an “American Idol” type deal, with John Travolta and a few other people from a new MGM movie judging the contest films. Winner gets the ad shown in a new format and a new CTS-V.

In other news this week I have found out there will be a CTS-V competing at the Daytona 24. The car will be driven by Jordan Sandridge of Medina Ohio, Joe Varde of Charlotte FL ,and Don Knowles of Pittsboro, NC. The car will be sponsored by Grandma's Potato Salad and campaigned by “Team Salad Racing “. The CTS-V will run in the GS class under car number 79.

While not Cadillac Related there is another interesting story coming out of Daytona. Namely breakfast for the CTS-V in the form of a cute little Chevy Cobalt. Lead driver is someone more than a few of us know, John Heinricy (the man responsible for the CTS-V). The Cobalt will be out of the Powell Motorsports Stable. No word on what John thinks of one of his own creations lapping him. The poor little Cobalt will be number 48 in the ST class. Lets hope for John's and the Cobalt’s sake that the Supercharged Ecotec has a smaller blower pulley.