Note: this is the same story running a new titile , a memeber pointed out a possible issue with the old title for this story of "war report" . So we deleted the old thread and issued out this one.

Today is the very first edition of what hopefully will be a weekly pulse report here at Cadillac Forums . This week 231 members joined us for a total of 20,382 members . One of the most interesting new members is “STS 4 AWD” . Who as his name says owns a new STS AWD and hails from Soldotna Alaska. The most interesting Lurking member this week to log in is one “Cold Canuck” who joined us 10-31-04 and has never posted. Lets send the chap some mittens so he can type a hello to us.

Here is what I could Grub up on cars that currently aren’t running or are parked with large problems :

Looks like we will put a vote together for car of the month . Right now we are selecting vehicles . Were going to attempt to get a selection going of 5 cars . Once we select the car then ill need information and photos from members of the car .

Its gonna be short this week as I’m a bit under the weather and quit smoking again.