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Thread: 2010 “DTS” .. Its Looks!

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    Big Jimm is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): Formerly 06 DTS
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    Nov 2007
    Jupiter, Florida

    2010 “DTS” .. Its Looks!

    I’m only guessing that 2010 will be the model change year. That’s
    when I'll be ready to dump my 08 E-350 with its antiquated electronics.

    However .. I may stand alone, but I HOPE that the new DTS won’t
    just be a bigger copy of the CTS. I absolutely HATE the stubby,
    chopped-off rear end of the CTS! (Am I the ONLY one who sees it
    that way?)

    I’m sure it will have GREAT electronics, tho, as my 06 DTS even had
    really nice electronics. (Certainly compared to 08 Mercedes Benz.)

    Ask yourself: how would YOU feel if you traded your 06 for an 08
    and went BACK 10 years in electronics? What a dummy I was.

    Even tho we’re talking about 2 years away, I’m dying to see pics of
    the NEW DTS, or whatever it’ll be called.

    Big Jimm

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    Superjim's Avatar
    Superjim is offline Cadillac Owners Connoisseur
    Automobile(s): 2011 DTS Platinum
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    Jun 2006
    Ft. Worth

    Re: 2010 “DTS” .. Its Looks!

    I understand your anticipation. I have the same feeling.

    My '06 will probably have close to 100,000 miles by then and it will be time to trade.

    Like you, I also hope they don't have the chopped off rear end. I think the electronics are pretty good in the '06 DTS. Could be better, but all in all, from what I have seen on other cars, they are pretty darn good.

    Jim from Texas

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    asrapid is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): Cadillac
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    Oct 2007

    Re: 2010 “DTS” .. Its Looks!

    latest rumors are we won't see new STS/DTS until 2011/12

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    rollindts is offline Cadillac Owners Member
    Automobile(s): Cadillac
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    Aug 2007

    Re: 2010 “DTS” .. Its Looks!

    i thought dts was being discontinued after 2010? why would they change it in 2010?

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    thebigjimsho's Avatar
    thebigjimsho is offline Cadillac Owners 10000+ Posts
    Automobile(s): ZIP
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    Jun 2004
    In the barrel of a gun...

    Re: 2010 “DTS” .. Its Looks!

    Way too many Jims here. N00bs, change your names!!!

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    TaVern's Avatar
    TaVern is offline Cadillac Owners Master
    Automobile(s): 2006 CTS-V
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    Feb 2007
    The Watering Hole...

    Re: 2010 “DTS” .. Its Looks!

    Quote Originally Posted by thebigjimsho View Post
    Way too many Jims here. N00bs, change your names!!!
    Too many cats in the litter box Jim?

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    Lord Cadillac is offline Cadillac Maniac
    Automobile(s): Cadillac Escalade
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    Dec 2002
    Royal Palm Beach, Florida

    Re: 2010 “DTS” .. Its Looks!

    The DTS and STS are both being replaced by a single model. I don't believe either one of them will be called STS, DTS, Seville or DeVille. It'll most likely be an all-new model.. There's also a possibility of an even larger model some time afterwards.
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