: A big "Whats Up" to everyone out there!

02-24-07, 04:36 PM
Hello everyone, I just found this site. I've been raised around Cadillac's all my life, and now am on my 3rd. My new one is a 1996 deville concours. I've owned a 85 fleetwood, and a 96 el dog. My father has a 04 dts and a 95 deville. My wife just traded in her 99 escalade for a cts. I went astray with an expedition for a while, but after a near fatal accident, I'm back!! I am heavy into modding my cars, and have some plans for the 96. For now though, I have one problem that I've used the search for and still am confused. I purchased 2 different radio wire harnesses and nether of them work. The first one has 2 plugs(gray, and blue) but the radio only has one plug. The second is one blue plug, it fit, but didn't work either. I tried cutting the factory harness out, but quickly reinstalled it when I was knee deep in noodles! I want my touchscreen in there BAD! I dont even own a tape, and the disk changer in the trunk is missing the carterage. I tried to use the wiring diagram in the images section on here, but I only have one plug, not 3. I have the non bose, delco radio. Can anyone out there help me???

Thanks yall....

Ps- I've attached a couple pics of the factory harness when I had it out..

02-24-07, 05:12 PM
I move this thread to the Audio section where you may get more help.

02-24-07, 09:05 PM
you need the axcess gmos-03 harness

02-24-07, 09:07 PM
Will that will plug up to the factory wire harness? I'd hate to be 0 for 3!!

02-24-07, 09:19 PM
have one in my 97 etc and moms 96 deville

02-24-07, 10:29 PM
Thank you. I've checked around a lil and they are kinda pricey! Whats the diff in the -03 and the -06? Will the steering wheel controls still work?

02-24-07, 10:48 PM
no wheel without another adapter
-06 is for those with factory amps less yours is active audio it wont work if you do have a factory amp i can hook you up with an 06 pretty cheap.

02-25-07, 07:43 AM
I think I might have a factory amp. Is it in the trunk by the fuses? I can post a pic if that helps...

02-25-07, 10:42 AM
cuttin out the factory harness is the biggest mistake you can make hehe. good thing you realized that and putit back, welcome to the forums, hope to see more pics of the car soon.

got any plans for that cd changer?

02-25-07, 11:26 AM
yup will be there
does your hu say anything special on it like bose or active audio?
from the factory does your car have a 4x6 speaker in the center of the dash and 2 5 1/4s in the rear doors or do you just have empty holes there...

02-26-07, 09:39 PM
If when you hooked it up no sound came out or you just hear static then you have a factory amp...you can use that big blue plug you have only thing is you have to bypass the factory amp by running new one's from the amp the behind the radio.

02-28-07, 02:50 PM
When I hooked it up, I couldn't even get the radio to cut on. So I hooked the yellow and red together with the factory orange and got one speaker to play very low. I think it was the front driver door. I noticed that some of the pins in the harness had no factory mate... Also I dont think it says active audio, or bose anywhere. I'll take some pics if that'll help.. Thanks

02-28-07, 06:33 PM
cuz you need to run your own constant power wire
all harnesses for lacs need this due to their "sleep mode"
been well documented

02-28-07, 09:52 PM
yeah you can run a constant from the fuse box just get a test light and see which wire is always "hot" weather the car is on or off.(for the yellow wire) then connect the red wire (acc) to one that cut's off with the car, but that one should be back in the dash no need to run a wire for that.You can cut the orange wire's you don't need 'em.

03-01-07, 09:48 AM
Ok, so lets see if I got this right.. Run a wire from the batt to the yellow of the head unit, the red will work on the orange of the stock radio(will this cause the sleep mode?) for the on/off. The power antenna will work off the stock wire too, then just figure out the speaker wire colors?? What about the bare(drain) wires??

03-01-07, 10:06 AM
Hahaha **** a harness, mine isn't even cut I just have all new wires ran. No annoying beep when door is open :).

03-01-07, 10:11 AM
Eldos are easier to work with
Devilles are anal about that sleep mode crap
and last time i checked your not using a harness fried a fuse last time and you got LUCKY it was just a fuse..

03-01-07, 06:56 PM
Nah that was only cuz my constant wasn't fused, now it is.

03-04-07, 05:18 PM
Ok. I finally got fed up and ran new speaker wires to the front doors and center speaker. Hooked the back deck speakers to a kicker amp. I used the orange wire from the factory harness to my yellow memory wires(was 12v all the time for some reason) I ran a new wire from the fuse box in the trunk for my red. Now I'm trying to figure out the power antenna factory color. I didn't even know I had speakers in the rear doors....I guess I'ma hook them up to the amp as well(its a 4 channel) Anyway, so far so good, but its only been hooked like this for 2 hrs!! When my 0 guage wire comes in, I'ma hook up the monster matching kicker amp for my 2 L7 solobaric 15's. All the door speakers and back speakers should come in at the same time too...But I might have to order another pair for the rear doors.. I'll post pics of the finished product.