: De-Sunroofing an STS

02-23-07, 06:12 PM
We are still on the lookout for a 2005 STS and have a question. My husband would like to have all the options on our 2005 STS (the "1SG" package). He's especially keen on having navigation. What he's not so keen on, however, is the fact that in the 1SG package his head almost hits the top of the headliner because of the sunroof. That problem doesn't exist in the STS models that lack a sunroof.

As far as we know, finding an STS that is decked out but doesn't have a sunroof is very difficult. My husband therefore wants to know--

Can you de- sunroof an STS????

The idea would be to remove the sunroof assembly, leave in the glass (but have the sunroof be nonoperable), then install a non-sunroof headliner.

If anyone has any experience with this type of custom-modification (or can give us clues as to whether the idea will even work), please let us know. My hope of getting an STS is on the line......



Benjamin Simon
02-23-07, 08:03 PM
Yea, I wish there was more head room in the STS. I have the same problem. All I do is open the sunroof or have the seat on the floor. I am 6 3, but if I were 6 4, I think I would need to get the DTS.
I am sure it can be done at a "cost". Dealer cost to put in a sunroof is about $1000. I would expect to spend maybe $500 to remove it. That is if they only need to replace the headliner. If they need to remove the glass, you are looking at maybe $3k - $4K paint work and metal roof replacement. People are also going to think you are crazy.
Have you considered a DTS performance, the head room is about 3 more inches, and sunroofs are not part of the package?

02-24-07, 01:44 PM
The 2007 performance DTS has 292 HP, you can see more at: http://www.cadillac.com/byo/selectColor.cd?mmc=DKD69&year=2007&pvc=543&model=dts&subModelDesc=Performance

The 2006+ DTS's are really slick cars!

The Tony Show
02-27-07, 11:59 AM
The reason for the lowered headliner is the sunroof assembly that hold the glass and motors. This assembly is permanently attached to the roof, and not by screws or bolts. You'd have to torch the sunroof hardware out, then custom make some kind of attachment to keep the glass in place, then buy a headliner.

The labor and custom fabrication alone would be astronomical.