: New 2005 STS Pictures...complete

03-19-04, 06:45 PM
I am tired so I will do something I hate to do and that is post a like. Go to this Forum and you will see the rear and other shots of the car.


diamond in the back
03-19-04, 07:09 PM
:jawdrop:man thanks so much for the link I thought I had to wait until next month.

diamond in the back
03-19-04, 07:12 PM

03-19-04, 08:03 PM
I really like the rear a lot. The front is a bit soft but it's still nice.

diamond in the back
03-19-04, 08:26 PM
I can't wait to see it in all of the colors both inside and out especially white diamond with a light sand interior. man now I wanna go to the N.Y autoshow and get a nice slow walk around view:thumbsup:

Chuck C
03-19-04, 09:45 PM
very nice...I wonder if the cars pictured are V6 models.

03-19-04, 10:41 PM
That is sweet. We can only hope that the V6 is not even a thought for this car. It's screaming for the 320 horse N* from the XLR. :coolgleam

Chuck C
03-20-04, 12:57 AM
That is sweet. We can only hope that the V6 is not even a thought for this car. It's screaming for the 320 horse N* from the XLR. :coolgleam

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are trying to save $$), the new base STS reportedly comes with the 3.6L V6 with the new Northstar V8 as an option.

diamond in the back
03-20-04, 06:07 AM
3 more pics , that interior is looking sweeter! and sweeter! with every angle:2thumbs:

03-20-04, 10:21 AM
That is sweet. We can only hope that the V6 is not even a thought for this car. It's screaming for the 320 horse N* from the XLR. :coolgleam

I don't see what's so wrong with the 3.6 liter. It's a screamer, even in the heavier SRX, plu syou have to remember that the 5-series comes with two different V6's and only has a V8 in the top model. Most of those cars end up being V6's then, which are already very pricey.

The 3.6 liter standard with the 4.6 liter Northstar optional sounds pretty awesome to me...Cadillac is getting more and more like a better BMW and I love it!!!

03-20-04, 10:47 AM
I LOVE that side profile. The more pictures that come out the more I like it.

Caddy Man
03-22-04, 11:38 AM
looks sweet...but whats up with the CTS wheels and teh CTS steering wheel????? :rolleyes2 Looks liek caddy is the only company goin in reverse, starting with thier lowest priced model, and using the styling cues on all the other cars, when really it should be the other way around.

diamond in the back
03-22-04, 10:28 PM
The more I look at the new pics the more I see myself in one come fall. I can't wait to see all of the colors and the standerd & options list. I was thinking of getting a used S class mercedes for almost the same price (maybe) as a loaded 05 sts:banghead:

03-23-04, 12:29 AM
Unfortunately these new detailed photos and angles reveal a mess. The taillights absolutely do not belong on this car. They look like mid-90's Oldsmobile lamps without the emblem--which is probably where the DeVille got them. Take a look at the outdoor on-the-road rear quarter angle on the second page of the C&D thread. The almost perfectly vertical leading edge of the tail lamp that wraps into the rear flank disfigures the car. You can almost see where Lutz took a blade to clay in a preview session and said, "well, round this off here, and round that off there, and get rid of this and maybe shave that in there..."

The rear aspect is AWFUL.

What is with the mismatched trailing door cutline in the C-pillar? It is a completely inappropriate curve in such a visible place. It looks like they took a door off another car and pushed it into the clay in the design studio.

As I've said in this forum before, the front is bland and weak.

This car is far too muddled to win in the 5 and E class segment. A few here say this class of car needs to be toned down--exactly wrong. This needs to be a bold, distinctive car for people old enough to earn the bucks it will take to buy it, but young enough to want a dynamic, progressive statement. This, together with the XLR, should be the most distinctive vehicle in the stable, not the most conservative.

This car's design retards rather than advances the Cadillac revolution, and if you don't think people pay for looks in this segment, you are kidding yourselves. Cadillac needs to make up ground on the others, and this design was a missed opportunity to do that.

03-23-04, 12:59 AM

Are you kidding me? How can you tell me that doesn't look like a CTS and an Accord mated? The Acura RL has more pizzazz than this snoozer...

Boooooooooring! This is the FLAGSHIP sedan? Where's the quad exhaust tips? Where's the horizontal taillights? Where's the drama, dammit? Why the gratuitous rear spoiler? That crease that runs along the door handles is so me-too. As is the rest of the car. Totally innocuous, totally indistinguishable from anything from Japan. And don't get me started on the V6! Who the hell is going to buy this when they can get an Acura? For the distinctive styling and V8 performance? Sorry, no sale here. At least the CTS has the courage of its convictions. This car has no soul. The interior looks OK, but nothing to write home about. Again, no drama. And if you're going to do a benchmark-mobile, how about at least a manumatic transmission?

Granted, I'm not in a position to plunk down the 50K or so to buy one, but even if I had it, I'd be sitting out this generation. What a disappointment. Now I understand why it took so long to get photos of this car. It wasn't because GM was afraid everyone would copy it. It was because GM was afraid people would realize they had copied everyone themselves.

P.S. We could have had this instead...

03-23-04, 01:27 AM
It looks a little bigger than a CTS, therefore I like it more. It also looks like 50% of it's DNA comes from the CTS, and the other 50% from an Acura TL. I love the interior pics so far, especially in beige. I still prefer more distinction between the models, as I don't believe Caddy should do the "similarity route" as Benz and BMW has.

03-23-04, 03:16 PM
P.S. We could have had this instead...

OK NOW THATS what the STS should have been! The more I look at this one the more I dislike it. Many times I have said that from the moment I FIRST saw the 98 STS and even the 92, I fell in love with them. This new one has no identity whatsoever and in my mind disgraces the previous generations, even the original. If Caddy had things like the picture above on the drawing board, why did we end up with this!? My only hope is that they are trying to restore the DTS to a higher position of importance in the lineup and that they will use the styling above to cast the next DTS instead.

I still say I need to see this in person, but I am not liking what I see, ESPECIALLY the vertical tail-lamps when the Seville has done so well with horizontal ones all these years. And another thing... the "STS" toy emblem on the front of the dash... no question that has GOT to go, the 93-04 didnt have any such nonsense on the dash.

I do not however see a problem with a V6 in the STS, as mentioned before, this will put it squarely in the territory of the 5 series and E Class mercedes so that wasnt a bad move.

03-23-04, 07:18 PM
Man, that first STS concept we see there in ravens post... its so smooth! I probably would like the new STS more if it had the front end pasted on it from the concept. The rear end is fine, love it on the production STS (Its look screams Germany) , if the two were coupled together... it would be a match made in heaven.

Why GM why!??!? :crying2: :crying: - The new STS: A Robert Lutz Production.

Caddy Man
03-23-04, 08:57 PM
i dont kno why all u are hating on the new STS, i mean the STS has always been somewhat conserativley styled, i dont think the new shape is bad at all and its really startin to grow on me, only think i dont like is the parts sharing with the CTS :rolleyes2

diamond in the back
03-23-04, 11:42 PM
I still like this new sts more and more as I look at it I mean don't get me wrong it does has it (outside) flaws. I like and was going to buy a used 98+ sts and trade it in for a 05 sts but now I may not. the 98+ models has it all sports looks and class but we all knew it was time for a change good or bad. we all knew from the spy pics and the new srx what the new sts was going to basicly look like. but like everyone else I had to see it for myself and it looks better to me in these pics then the GMTV video.

Night Wolf
03-24-04, 08:54 PM
I dunno, the noce is OK, but the headlights look form a current DeVille, they need to be more edgy, like the CTS

the back is not bad either, I agree, the Seville needs vertical tail lights and the DeVille should stay with the horizontal....

...but man, that interrior!.... first i was like woha, then I was like ewww.... the door panels are nice, but the top of the and center stack... and how the area infront of the front passenger slopes down.... it is like they are trying to make it ugly.... in the '92-'04 STS, I LOVE the way the interrior is flwoing the dash is tear dropped etc... the dash flows right into the door panels... this.... not me at all...

If it wasn;t for the 320hp N* and RWD, there wouldn't be much going for this car (IMO) While when I first considered a used '05+ STS as my next daily driver, I'll stick with the '98+ STS....FWD and all.....

03-26-04, 10:27 AM

Are you kidding me? How can you tell me that doesn't look like a CTS and an Accord mated? The Acura RL has more pizzazz than this snoozer...

Honda only dreams of ever building anything that belongs on the same page as this car! It will be a major sales success. It looks as much like a Hond as Rosanne Barr looks like Christy Brinkly!!:rolleyes2

03-26-04, 05:08 PM

I don't know... they don't look all that different to me once you get past the front end... The STS front end is CTS writ large...


Steve Sabol
03-27-04, 04:38 PM
A Chevy maybe, a Cadillac definetly NOT!

04-02-04, 07:01 PM
I will wait until I see one in person.

diamond in the back
04-04-04, 01:03 AM
some more pics for the few 05 sts fans left:coolgleam .

diamond in the back
04-04-04, 03:35 AM
that blue is sweet!!! I can't wait to seen more colors on this car.