: Newbie W/ Questions.

Berger 93
02-23-07, 10:42 AM
I an the proud owner of a 2006 STS-V, and the car is greaqt but I have 2 questions:

1: when the car hits, say a dip or pot hole that affects only one rear tire, while "recovering" the rear of the car feels like it is swaying back and forth.

2: I noticed the other day while using the windshield washers, that every time I sprayed, steam came out from under the hood . . .

Are these normal? Thanks in advance.

02-23-07, 12:49 PM
Welcome, and congrats on getting an excellent car. What color?

I'll take a stab at your 2 questions.

1. I have never experienced this. Is the traction control kicking in or anything? I have had the rear sort of in a controlled sway only to feel the traction kick in and correct. This causes the rear to feel sort of sloppy. Other than that, this cars rear end has tracked way better at higher speeds than my CTS-V did. It's either the wider tires or the spoiler helping out a ton.

2. I just noticed this the other day too after owning the car for almost 3 months. The washer fluid is heated in cold weather, so I assume the steam is coming from something heating the fluid, or the warm fluid hitting the cold air somewhere under the hood. I wouldn't worry about it at all.

Once again, welcome and enjoy the luxurious rocket ship.

Berger 93
02-23-07, 01:46 PM
No the traction control never kick in. It seams where there is a road condition that affects only one wheel the rear of the car such as a pothole, low sewer cover etc, as the car recovers fron the undulation the rear wiggles/sways from side to side. It is a very wierd feeling.

The washers I figured it was due to the heater, but looks very strange to have bursts of seam shoot out from under the hood on the driverside.

Thanks for the welcome. Loving the STS-V. Hard to believe out of all my toys the Cadi is the most powerfull of them all.

02-23-07, 02:07 PM
as far as the washers, i'd actually stand outside the car watching the headlight washers as somebody activates them. make sure they spray and the "steam" is not actually from a disconnected hose spraying fluid everywhere

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