: Help with Headrest DVD power

02-22-07, 09:11 PM
I recently bought a 2007 CTS and am looking to power up a set of head rest monitors. I have the monitors with a yellow(-), Red(+), and black(groud) wires. I also bought an add-a circuit so I don't have to splice any wires and can tap into the rear fuse boxes. My question is this:

How do I power up and ground these badboys. Novice here with just enough info to be dangerous. Does theyellow hook into any thing? Do I only hook up the red?

02-23-07, 10:11 AM
yellow is NEVER a ground... its a constant power positive... red is the ignition power and black is the neg/ground

02-26-07, 01:05 AM
basically you hook red into a source which will provide you power when they key is in the on/acc location

yellow goes str8 to the battery or to a source which gets constant power

black is grounded