View Full Version : Finally had a photo opp...Just a few Pics

02-22-07, 06:56 PM
Finally was able to borrow a friends digi cam (which isnt that great of quality) but I took some pics, and they look alright, so ill post em up....tell me what yall think....especially about the blacked out reverse lights and 3rd tail

02-22-07, 06:59 PM
LOVE the tails and brakelight

i'm going to get mine tinted or do it myself

but nowhere near as dark

02-22-07, 08:01 PM
the tails are not tinted...

02-22-07, 08:12 PM
Very nice! :thumbsup: Gorgeous ride and I really like the b&w shot.

02-22-07, 09:19 PM
BTW this is lowered on eibachs and uses ww mod in the rear

02-22-07, 09:27 PM
Very nice! :thumbsup: Gorgeous ride and I really like the b&w shot.
What is it about B&W Pics that turn people on so much? :confused:

Anyways thanks for remining us how great our cars look.
Now I feel the need to lower mine.

Wow, the tinted Back Up and 3rd Brake lights really clean up the car. :thumbsup:

02-22-07, 11:13 PM
i took my cts off too, i think it looks so much better and the person behind you won't say "Dam that CTS is fast" instead their be like: " WoW Dude... did you see that Cadillac Go? Now that's a quick V"

02-23-07, 07:27 AM
I like the B/W pic.
So you decided to keep your V. And you got rid of your tinted tails?

02-23-07, 07:44 AM
Looks great!!! The blacked out third brake light almost adds the effect of a spoiler.

02-23-07, 10:43 AM
well its up for sale, with lots of interested parties, Thanks for all the compliments.

dq, I actually like how my cuirrent setup looks better than the fully tinted...It was too black....I get so many compliments as it sits now.

02-23-07, 10:51 AM
looks good, how'd you do the third brake light?? did you remove the emblem? or mask it off?

02-23-07, 11:22 AM
removed the crest....used black electrical to mask off the emblem (cut lots of small pieces to be real precise.

02-24-07, 08:39 PM
Im thinking of fully blacking out my grill like a few have on here.....

02-25-07, 02:42 AM
how easy did the cts come off? are there holes from posts on the emblem?

02-25-07, 12:35 PM
:thumbsup: ride.

!CTS is a simple bathroom mod: it comes off with a hair dryer and some dental floss. Leaves no holes; it's just sticky-taped on.