: Ed Morse Cadillac/Oldsmobile of Delray, Delray Beach, FL

02-21-07, 08:41 AM
I had an awesome experience at this dealership. I purchased my '00 DeVille there last May. The price was right, the salespeople, all of them, and the finance people were great. I haven't had any problems with the car and since it wasn't certified, means that they didn't sell me a lemon. The service department is wonderful there too. I can know what I need and the service adviser will tell me exactly that and ONLY that. They don't play games or try add-ons there, which is a very rare sight. The general atmosphere of the place is welcoming with no smart-ass attitudes. It's just getting right down to business and joking a little bit while doing it. Overall, a 10/10. See Bob Corum for new or used sales and Tom Novack (actually, any service adviser is awesome) in the service department. Tell them Alex sent you. They all know who I am.