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02-21-07, 02:13 AM
Ahhhhhhhgggggg. I bought my V in late aug 05 ( a early 05 redline )and with in a month my drivers side control arm fell off while doing about 80mph on 395 by the pentagon. There was a recall that hadn't been done to my car, something about a washer on the lower a-arm breaking off and giving a little bit of play to the main bolt causing it too strip. I was still in that new car haze and really didn't want any thing different so I didn't push a lemon suit. Besides the recall was for 04's only so I thought these things happen. All I asked that it was fixed to a good standard and the other side was addressed to prevent it from happening. Flash back last Sat. The other wheel fell off. Now it's the front passenger side while on the road, lucky for me I was only going about 5mph this time and the car just slams to the ground
and grinds to a halt. here's the like for EVERY one with an 04-early 05 please have this done before some one gets killed.:rant2:
04043bRECProduct Safety - Lower Control Arm WasherNovember 11, 2004

Now that I am open to the idea of a car that doesn't have it's wheels fall off from time to time. I have my buddy who is a dealer pull a car fax and due too the damage of the car using it's frame to "assist" it in stopping and the wheel playing rock em sock em with the fender there is a big accident on its history and I'm sure a new one will be added soon and I will be lucky to get 20grand for it an 05 with 35xxx miles trade in, hell his boss told him to offer me 18500 but that was a low ball but my best friend said he could get me around 20 and they would sell it at auction and hope for mid 20's. So even with 15000 down and a stupid low GMAC APR of 0.9 for 4 years I'm about 8-10 grand in the hole and cant come close to getting a car of the cts-v's level. **** even go back to the slow ass G35 couple that I used to have would cost me 50 grand with the role over. I'm calling Cadillac and saying some bad stuff about there mothers.

02-21-07, 03:27 AM
Post your vin# so someone can do a search.

Both wheels fell off, and an accident shows up on the carfax?

A recall shouldn't showup on a carfax.

Something doesn't sound right........:confused:

02-21-07, 03:36 AM
I didn't see the car fax my buddy just said there was stuff on there but remeber, the wheel took the fender, part of the bumper, the side skirts with it the first time due to the speed and 3/4 of the car needed paint because of damage and the molten rubber sprayed up from the tire being draged on it's side and sparks from the rim and frame. The recall was for a washer not a 1/3 of the car. I will try to post the VIN later today and any help would be cool but the car is in it's 2nd home (Moore Cadillac) and I will have to dig up some old paperwork to find it. Oh and maybe I didn't wright it clear, the 1st wheel came off when new the 2nd came off last weekend. And this will be it's 3rd opps, My intern hit some black ice and had a fender bender. I had just got it back.

02-21-07, 07:23 AM
I think your buddy just wants your car. The car I purchased was in an accident as well. The stealership was going to give the guy 20,000 for it with 9k miles. Instead I bought the car from the guy for 29,000 with cam, SC, headers, etc etc etc

Accidents do diminish the value of a vehicle but it isnt the responsibility of the dealer to ensure your car maintains its relsale value only that it continues to remain in operations status. i.e. somewhat safe enough to drive.

02-21-07, 11:50 AM
Wow, that's amazing! I have an '04 and it was never done on my car! I just called to arrange for it to be done. I have 29k miles and never an issue. Anyone else have this fixed or have 'their' wheel fall off?

02-21-07, 04:28 PM
I have heard of a a couple of other people on this fourm who have had this happen, one of the other guys had his mom in the car. As I said one wheel lasted 5xxx miles the other 35xxx. I live in dc and are roads are crap and my car gets bounced around a lot and I'm sure that played some part of it but still all you 05's out there need to look into it as well even though the recall only goes for the 04's. As for resale it's getting pretty bad out there. My bud a the dealer ship is my best friend, there was no game. I saw a 04 at a carmax with 41xxx miles in perfect shape for $28495 and carmax is know for not being the cheapest place out there. They thought they could sell my car at auction for 24ish so 20grand is a fair trade in price. after all most dealerships can't or wont sell a car on the lot with a dirty title. Hell even with a clean title good luck getting 26ish trade-in 04-05 guys if you have more then a handful of miles. I'm not talking trash just a disapointed owner in the same or worse boat.:mad:

02-21-07, 04:32 PM
I know ur not talkin trash, only the truth! Trust me I know!

I actually called my dealer and gave him the facts on that link you sent and he says there is no TSB or recall? Go figure! Anything else I can tell him so maybe he can find it?

02-21-07, 04:43 PM
Every ting I know is on the FAQ link I gave, try taking him the GM doc#04043b my service guy found it and was the one who told me about it, I only found it on the FAQ later and I saw the actual recall before GM made the FAQ take down the links

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04-06-07, 08:25 AM
Every ting I know is on the FAQ link I gave, try taking him the GM doc#04043b my service guy found it and was the one who told me about it, I only found it on the FAQ later and I saw the actual recall before GM made the FAQ take down the links

I'm not sure if this direct link will work, but you can view safety recalls at NHTSA's website. Here's a link to the control arm washer TSB:

If the link doesn't work, you can go on NHTSA's website and search by make/model for all safety recall campaigns.

You can view the letters sent to the customer and the TSB. These should be allowable on the FAQ, as this is all public information. GM is required to notify its customers and attempt to get them to have the recall performed.

In this case its limited to 2004s, so technically it may not be covered by the recall on your '05. I assume they went with a stronger metal washer beginning with 2005s, but maybe yours was made with leftover parts...

Reed, can't we at least keep the recall TSBs on the FAQ.

Brian R.

04-06-07, 12:38 PM
There is also a differance between an "early 05" and a "late 05".