: It's raining - - - INSIDE my V!

02-20-07, 06:34 PM
The weather's been a bit moist here in the bay area and I've noticed a great deal of fog on the inside of my windows lately, and even after defrosting like mad the fog returns rather quickly.
Figuring something was amiss I began checking over my car and found the trunk floor was damp, and worse yet: the passenger side rear seat cushion is wet! WTF?
Has anyone else had their V go "hot house" on them?

02-20-07, 07:58 PM
I have heard of it and it is from cars that are not garaged and the seal must dry up. I believe it comes from the back window. More Caddy issues! To make you feel better THEBIGJIMSHO can explain why we have these cars in the thread about shaking when idling. That'll make you feel a little better as to the reason that we put up with all the problems of these cars!

Someone who had the problem will chime in more but I only heard of it like twice so you might have to wait a day or so. Just bump the thread if it lags.

02-21-07, 06:48 PM
Just kickin' this back near the top in hopes someone might see it and have an answer/idea.