: breathing system on the 3.0 and 3.2?

02-20-07, 05:35 PM
This question is for the 3.0 but it also pertains to the 3.2 as they are virtually the same engine and would also benefit from this...

Since the Omega MV6 is the same as the catera and the Omega B also used the 3.2 in 2003 I have been reading alot on the Omega forums. Because they have had these cars longer than us and they are in much more abundance over in europe...

They like them over there, they constantly say if they are maintained right they will go forever and most of them have around 16ok miles now...
I do believe this especially for the 2000 and 2001s and the CTS version.

Anyways, they were saying that a key step is cleaning the breather system from time to time and this will prevent (most likely) overpressurization and blowing the valve cover gaskets...

I have 30K miles on my 2001 now and I want to clean them... Has anyone done this in North America? I could not find anything in this forum about it!

Thanks for any help! :)


The caveman
04-14-07, 08:20 AM
goto catera forum it self ,theres alotofinfoabout that