: 02-06 vs 2007 ext roof spoiler

02-18-07, 04:33 PM
Is the roof spoiler for the 02-06 EXT the same as the 2007? I seen one guy on here that had one on his 07 EXT, but went to the website he said he bought it from and there were none listed for 2007. If anyone could tell me if they are the same or where i can find one for an 07 I would be greatful.
Thanks in advance.

02-18-07, 04:57 PM
For the EXT I believe it is the same because they didn't change the 3rd stop light.

02-20-07, 09:46 PM
I was wondering the samething and checked out the site and didn't see it listed. Have you called the company that had the 02-06? Let me know if you order it and how it works. If anyone has any pics, please post. Thanks!

03-06-07, 09:39 AM
yes i am the owner that posted the pictures of the 07 Blk EXT with the roof spoiler. On the site that I purchased the spoiler it was not listed and I did the research and notified them that the Spoiler were the same for the 07. I do not believe they are the same for the 02 thru 06, only 06 and 07.

03-06-07, 04:13 PM

Where did you got your rear spoiler from, can you please let me know the link, I want to do the same to my 2007 EXT.