View Full Version : Will 6.5 inch speaker fit in 99 deville

02-17-07, 10:31 PM
I have a 99 deville-base model, i have searched many threads, and I found that the deville has 5.25 inch in the front doors. But I was wondering if i could fit the 6.5 inch speakers in the front doors? Also, I have read there is already holes in the rear doors and center dash for speakers. How hard is it to install speakers in those areas? If I do install speakers in those areas, I know I will have to buy an amp. But i'm keeping my factory radio, so is it good to just let the radio power the front door and rear deck speakers, and have the amp power the rear doors and the center, or just have an amp pushing all the speakers in the car (I guess if i do that i will need a 6 channel amp):confused: ?

Any Help would be Very much Appreicated...........:)