View Full Version : 1997 deville d'elegeance

02-17-07, 03:11 PM
I purchased a 1997 deville d'elegance for $5200.00 at that time it had 184k on it. This is my first cadillac but certainly not my last. Since i've owned this vehicle i have had to replace a few things; alternator rebuilt $181.00, thermostat replaced, $65.00 new battery $92.00, radiator $623.00, brakes $144.00. When my car idles for a long period of time i have a antifreeze smell so my next project will be to replace the water pump. I'm still adjusting to the car but sometimes the transmission seems to shift funny I don't know if it is shifting because of my driving habits or it is time for it to be repplaced and checked. Last but not least time for a tune up spark plugs are beginning to arc. I forgot to mentioned that i've only had this vehicle since dec 06.