: How do I get front license plate bracket off?

02-17-07, 03:02 PM
Can someone please tell me how to get this ugly plastic thing off the front of my V?

The Tony Show
02-17-07, 03:11 PM
Probably the best way would be to remove the front bumper (not as hard as it sounds) and cut off the rivets from behind. You'll then need to either put plugs in the holes, or have them filled and the bumper re-sprayed.

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02-17-07, 03:18 PM
Thanks, I am new to the forum and I appreciate the feedback!

02-17-07, 05:34 PM
it got 4 rivits holding it on.take off the plate and drill off the rivit heads. 10 min and its done.

02-17-07, 05:35 PM
then i took mine off anyway and brought it to a body shop to have the holes filled properly. i hate those plugs. they look cheap

02-23-07, 01:44 AM
Has anyone had some color-matched vinyl cut in circles to place over the holes?

02-23-07, 10:40 AM

The above link is to the bumperplugs website. I was going to go that route but decided, since there are four holes, it might not look that great. I actually have an appointment to get my front bumper holes plugged and the whole thing repainted on Tuesday.

07-31-07, 08:48 AM
opposite prblem here,
i just bought an 04 from out of state and it doesn't have the front bracket
but New York requires a front plate, anyone know where i can get one, i've been watching ebay to no avail.