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02-17-07, 05:43 AM
DEVille DTS 2001

Dear friends,

I wish to change the Bose radio/player set with one of the following DVD Player with LCD touch screen
1) SONY, 2) JVC, or 3) Kenwood.
Could you please, recommend me the appropriate device.

I have been mentioned by maintenance engineers that there will be a serious conflict with my car built-in amplifier caused by the above three devices,
This conflict may be interpreted as a heard noise while playing.
Could you please, provide me with your help and suggestions.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

03-06-07, 04:55 PM
theyre probably right, and if cad is still using the same method, the oem headunit is just a display that controls the audio system which is spread all over the car. when i put a clarion dvd deck in my car, they told me if i tried to tie in the deck with the speakers and amps, it may actually conflict and create enough feedback to fry my deck. i didnt bother risking that so i just wired new speakers and relocated my oem deck under the dash, still hooked up so my computer wouldnt start messin up. ive been following posts where people are trying for months to mate aftermarket decks with the bose system, and im happily enjoying a trouble free great sounding audio/video system. it can be done, but youll likely have to relocate your oem deck to the trunk with a harness extension to keep the computer system functioning properly, and run an antenna lead.

Greg McCool
03-06-07, 07:47 PM
try the gmo9 made by schoch, jl clean sweep, or my favorite (I own one my self) rockfordn fosgate 3 sixty.2