: Got some picks for ya.

02-17-07, 01:11 AM
Posted last week about my wonderful purchase of a 91 FWB. finnally got a chance to get her in the garage, cleaned, and have my camera at the same time. She DEFIANTLY wasn't spit shined though. I am 2nd in rank at the largest center in OHIO u-haul as a machanic so i have access to a LARGE garge at almost all times. Guess you will see in the pics. She's still wet, so she isn't as shiny as she could be.

I am in the works of a LARGE stereo as we speak, and i will also post pics of how it goes, and how far she is ras of today. Here is what is going in.

Install consits of...
2-kove zx-1000's (NEED to find 2 more) on subs
1-kove zx-500 on midbass
1-kove zx-504 on mid/highs
1-kove ka-6 line driver
2 kove armageddon x-pro 15's (thanks!!! 2loud4tv)
1-pair kove mini armageddon 6.5 midbass
1-pair kove kc 4.1 comps (4"mid, upgraded tweets, x-over)
Not sure on rear fill yet
5-evertart maxx1-n bats
75ft 2/0 gauge weld cable
150ft 12 gauge cable
3 sheets MDF
2 gal. fiberglass

So without further adue......

02-17-07, 10:09 AM
NICE! :thumbsup:

Highway Star
02-17-07, 12:04 PM
Looking good. It's surely gonna be wired for sound! What about your spare tire, any room left for it?

02-17-07, 02:24 PM
Were the rims your choice? I think they clash with the clothtop and continental kit.

02-17-07, 08:00 PM
Man alive! That is a fabulous Brougham. Is that a factory moonroof?

My unsolicited $.02: You have such an amazingly impeccable Cadillac, it would be well presented on wire wheels. That said, I am at a loss for words over the jaw-dropping looks of your phenomenal ride.

02-17-07, 09:00 PM
Thanks for the compliments guys, i love her.

No the wheels were not my choice, they came on it, but they will do for the winter time. I think it is an aftermarket moon roof, its larger than the ones i usually see. wish i had some receipts for the previous work. I am thinking in time that i will make the continental kit, into a real continental kit. with a real 5th tire/wheel. Not sure it would carry the "Presidential" look or not, if it wont, it aint happening. And no i wont have room for a spare, i am in charge of 7 mobile repair unit trucks and operaters so if i get a flat, just give one of them a ring and get a spare delivered. plus i carry AAA in case im outside my district.

I have a stupid amount of pics of various size rims on this model FWB, and i am 94% sure that i am going with 20's. I was looking at 18's but they just dont fill up the tire well enough. I hear the ride is better, but with the extra weight i am putting in i hardly see it rough riding...

Didn't get nothing done on the stereo today, got 4" of snow, and we had to move over 200 trucks/just as many trailers around on my lot for the plow to do his thing. I'll update as soon as i get some more progress.

02-19-07, 10:03 PM
Got a little progress done today, only had a couple hrs to work with, got interupted twice so i didn't get to far. Battery boxes are glued, screwed, and sanded. Ready for some paint. Only going to paint the inside of them as i am going to build fiberglass/plexi trim panels and that's all you will be able to see.






Now on to some New sub pics *big props 2loud4tv*


Got a 250 amp alt. through work pretty cheap, looking at getting rewound to 350-400amps. Case and cooler are big enough. Now just got to make some brackets to make it fit, been looking for a reason to weld for a couple weeks now. Prolly wont be for another couple weeks as slow as this install is going. just cant find the time, my life is WAY too buisy.



Last pic is a comparison to a LABATT BLUE 11.5 ozer. Enjoy!!!

02-19-07, 10:29 PM
Wheres The Dynamat? All That Bass And Your Trunk Is Going To Rattle Like Hell. Especially Your Trunk Floor.

02-22-07, 10:10 PM
Been a couple of days, didn't get much repsonce here so i have been posting in other forums. If you want day to day updates witch i am taking let me know.

02-22-07, 10:18 PM
Nice ride, looks real clean.

02-27-07, 10:14 PM
Got the amps installed, waiting fot the other 2 Zx-1000's to come in before i clean up the wiring and make my fiberglass/plexiglass trim panels. also waiting on my blue led's and more 2/0 wire. got the shipment of fatmat in and am waiting on some free time to lay it. Peak freq. is 32hz hahahaha, hits the lows like no other. Can't imagine what 2000+rms per sub is going to be like. I got the ks4.1's components and upgraded titanium tweets installed today, and powering with a zx-500 (150x2rms) they are crayzie loud. Think i figured out how to get .35 cu.ft. so i might use my apex 8" subs up front, on another zx-500, and my zx-250 on the rear fill 4" mids i plan on making pods for. Took the 6x9's out today, and what a differece it made on the sub output. Took it down to a friends house for a demo, he enoyed to the fullest. Here are some high def pics.

#1 oh she's sexy
#2 richard on first note of demo
#3/4/5/6 amps are still cool after 20 mins (thanks 14.9v!)
#7 work clothes on, tired, and dirty, but still PIMPIN! hahaha

02-27-07, 10:24 PM







03-01-07, 09:26 PM
Sweet progress. BTW Swift GTI air dam on a Metro 'vert? Got a G13B tucked in there?

03-01-07, 11:40 PM
That Looks Sweet Ass Hell Man

Nice Trunk Job 2, Looks Clean


03-02-07, 07:50 AM
Were the rims your choice? I think they clash with the clothtop and continental kit.

I'm with you, Benzilla. Make the exterior all factory, and if you really like the stereo thing, then go for it, but the exterior should be kept unblemished.
I like the color combo and the spare tire, though.

JRau in central Iowa

03-03-07, 12:34 AM
Yeah, actually my vert has a full gti conversion and some (rear disks, upgraded front discs, brake biasing valve, apex lowering springs, koni 25 way adjustable struts, largest sway bars made off mk5 sedan, G13B turbo running 18.5 lbs boost @315hp/280tq w/nos, 2.5" mandrel bent exhaust, 4 core custom aluminum radiator, front/rear strut bars, underbody brace, megasquirt ecu, gti body kit, short drive 3.114 tranny w/ phantom grip lsd, self built short shifter, all poly bushings, modified center tail displaying an array of led's lighting up 1.3L, gti/recaro bucket seat, gutted down to 1400lbs, etc....

just got it running over winter, last summer it was just a g13b drop in with some minor mods.

If you want i can send post a link to photobucket with some pics of the race car. Havn't been to the track yet, but my g-tech says 10.8sec 1/4 mile. Feels like it. All work but serious internal boring/knife edgeing/block guard/balancing done by ur's truly.

About the outside, i have some really elagant/presidential mods i think will fit, if they make it non elegant/presidential, they are gone. already has an e&G grill and continental kit so i think i might as well go forward with some small mods, like i said though, as long as they fit right. I think i have a good sense of style, but i will def find out from the classy caddy crowd here before making them stick.

Bout the trunk, got 2 more zx-1000's coming in and another zx-500 so when i am done installing those i will get to making my fiberglass/plexiglass with blue led highlit trim panels. though it was clean before!!!!

Today i got to lay down 100sq ft. of fatmat deadner in the trunk. great product for the price, i'll post some pics tomorrow. Not a single rattle coming from the trunk, NOT A ONE!!! made sure of that! Except that D@MN gas cap!

THANKS for the compliments/advice again!

03-03-07, 06:37 PM
Nice car and nice project. Looks like shes in great shape. As a cabling guy I command you to neaten up that wiring

03-03-07, 06:55 PM
Beautiful car, it deserves to look classic,I would get rid of the continental kit.

03-06-07, 12:52 AM
If you want i can send post a link to photobucket with some pics of the race car. Havn't been to the track yet, but my g-tech says 10.8sec 1/4 mile. Feels like it. All work but serious internal boring/knife edgeing/block guard/balancing done by ur's truly.

Badass! Figured something was up when there were three Metro/Swifts in the same pic as the Cad. I'd like to see the photo album....

03-08-07, 09:39 PM
It apppears as though my free allowance has went on my metro account, so i set up a new photobucket site, i will be updating when i got time to add all my pics, these are just the one's i had on my one comp's HD. Only susupension, but you will get the hint what the rest looks like till i can get them up. The KYB stuts were just temp for the alignment just in case the rack bent something, crazie speed shop is known for it! This is before the respray, so bumpers are blue. Check the rear trailing arms, custom one off's made by me, that allow +/-7 degree of camber, i know a little over the top, but that's me.

03-09-07, 07:39 AM
This is the strangest looked Cadillac underneath.... :eek: :thepan:

It apppears as though my free allowance has went on my metro account, so i set up a new photobucket site, i will be updating when i got time to add all my pics, these are just the one's i had on my one comp's HD. Only susupension, but you will get the hint what the rest looks like till i can get them up. The KYB stuts were just temp for the alignment just in case the rack bent something, crazie speed shop is known for it! This is before the respray, so bumpers are blue. Check the rear trailing arms, custom one off's made by me, that allow +/-7 degree of camber, i know a little over the top, but that's me.

03-09-07, 09:15 AM
Why 4 batteries? With the upgraded alt, whouldn't 2 work fine?? I'm thinking a bit of overkill...

03-09-07, 11:04 AM
That is the underside of my race car geo metro, not my caddy silly. They asked for pics so i posted them, if this is the wrong place plz delete them.

And with the 4 batteries, yes maby a little overkill, but i play for a lot of parties that are in semi remote locations without power for a charger, and i think i come out ahead spending the money on the batts, than spending the money on gas to power the alt. Pretty much everything i do goes to overkill, just how i am.

03-12-07, 11:13 PM
Hello all, been a couple days, not much has been done, just enjoyin the hell out of it. Turned out that the guy was mistaken when he told me he had a zx-500, it was a 250 so i am now looking for a 500. Isn't all that dissapointing as i can still use this for rearfill but i don't really have a place for it. It is 2.7" too long to fit between the zx-500's. Maby i'll toss it under the front seats if there is room there.

Started doing the eyeball fit in the kickpanels for the 8" midbass drivers. Looks like it's going to be challenging, but i am up for it, even if it means not driving beautiuful for a couple days. Looks like i have to cut into the side railings for the rocker. I might have to weld in some 45 deg braces to make it stiff but i don't think i will it's a pretty solid mount. I need .25 cu.ft. before poly stuffing so this could be interesting. Picked up a couple yards of fleece, more fiberglass/mat, and heavy duty aluminum foil. Made the trim rings to start the mdf ring/fleece stretching. I'll get some pics if i get a chance to start glassin tomorrow.

I finally found a set of Armageddon u-2 15's, so the k-pro's are coming out, which also means that i need to send my amps off for a rebuild/beef up, so they can handle the lower impedence of the new subs. Both are 2 ohm coils, but the x-pro's are 2.56ohm and the u-2's are 1.88ohm. With impedence rise i would only be getting around 2ohm mono, when i am getting 3.3?ohm now. I'll get some pics and a review when i get them in (hopefully this week).

Put the amps into place so you can see pretty much what the final design will be, the small 250 will be a 1000, when i can find one more.

PS... 216caddypimpin, i can send pm's yet, hit me up email chuckwagon009@netscape.net





03-13-07, 12:01 AM
whoa.. don't get a flat :P.. otherwise damn. just damn.

03-13-07, 08:15 AM
wow, very impressive, cable management should be next on the list, Try some neon cable ties . I'm just trying to keep gas in mine.
Overkill is a good thing

03-14-07, 03:54 PM
I don't have to worry bout a flat in columbus. I am in charge of 9 mobile repair unit trucks, so i can have a spair delivered within minutes. They also have air compressors in the trucks, so i have an air jack and a impact gun at my disposal usually within 15 mins, enough time to smoke a cig and say "damn i hate nails/screws!". The cable managment will be adressed when i get the other amps in and on the box. Right now it is at the bottom of my list, although it will be adressed thourughly when it is time. Seems that's most of the responces i have been getting.

Yesterday i got the entire day off, so i got some good progress done. Tore the lower rocker trim off, pulled the carpet up, removed the kick trim, and started positioning. Figured that the parking brake has to be moved to another position or just removed alltogether. I never use it anyway. I mean think, when was the last time u used yours? (automatic that is). If i need i can get some small wheel chocks and hide them somewhere. I Cleaned up the surface a little. And started the imaging process.






This is the only thing that poses a threat to my airspace on the driver side, passenger side has plenty of room.


Might be shy by .3-.7 cu.ft. so i prolly will be doing some cutting into the kick. Looks like their is some serious bracing back there so i don't think i will need to rebrace when i am done. Hard to estimate now by eyeball but i have done a lot of airspace calc's and i think i have a pretty good eye for it.

Here's a couple pics of the kicks exposed where you can see how much room is available. Max depth i have being resonably small is 8/9" in depth at max, and around the diamater of 11". I had Pimpin John sit in the car with both sides roughly in place and he thought it would be fine. He is 6'7" and has a size 15 shoe, so i figure he'll be about the largest person i care to worry bout bein in my car.



03-14-07, 04:00 PM
The magnet strenght of the 8's are plenty to hold them in place for a little measuring. Used some cardboard to prop them to a perfect angle. Had the MDf cutouts for the trim rings so i put some fleece up to them with some large head brad nails.







Pulled them back out after i thought i was safe on the postion and airspace. Put some sheets of aluminum foil together and started molding it to the floor/kick. Put some peices on the dash and seat/carpet to keep it safe from fiberglass splatter and drips. Took a peice of fleece and trimmed it up roughly to the size needed. Made a pot of fiberglass resin and soaked the fleece down a good one. What a pain the first layer is, i had to wait almost 10 mins before it got sticky and stiff, spent another 15 in the kick to get the right curves needed for my base. Man i got high down there, and i had a 4ft. industial fan blowing on the car to push of the toxic stink. Tried to get a pic of the kove 4's in the dash with little to no success, windsheild is just at the wrong curve to take pics. Here is the best attempt.


03-14-07, 04:05 PM
Finally down to making the rear starter glass panel. This has to be the most annoying part of glassing kicks is to get the first layer of the back panel right, it never wants to stay true at the top and tends to fold down after some time while hardning. That's kinda why i use fleece as it stays semi flexable if you don't completely drown it in glass resin, and gives you an hr or so to bend right where you want it, too time consuming, i am thinking of a new way to make a start. Passenger side came out real nice, driver side is kinda iffy, i might go back in and make a new start, dunno.





Next day i got off i am going to do some cutting, and stiffen the rear panel up with some mat. Mat loves to stick to fleece making the second layer much easier. 3rd and 4th i can have out of the car, so it should go real quick after that. Hopefully it will be within a week i will have them up and running, rough coat though as i am debating what i am going to cover them with. I really wish i could find some matching woodgrain from my interior, i'd do some sweet carpet/woodgrain/chrome piped kicks. I did get some good advice from a local woodshop owner on how to match a 1/8" real wood laminate with some stains and colored coats. That might be an afterthought as i want to get all my glassing done in pretty much one shot so i don't start thinking, y not do the dash, y not door panels, y not trunk lid, etc.... cuz i would.

On to the trunk trim next, prolly going to need another 2-3gallons of glass, 2-3yards more fleece, and tons of mat.

03-15-07, 06:51 PM
Nice ride. Whatever you do, never post your address... LOL

03-15-07, 10:12 PM
Yeah, i might as well i got my liscence plate showing. I ain't too worried, i got 4 pit/boxer mixes weighing about 100lb a peice in the fenced area my car shares. It has a viper alarm, shaved trunk lock, remote trunk relese, some security cameras and lights, parked right next to the house, and me usually inside with a eagle near by, so i see no worry ;-)

besides, it would be funny to see someone try it!!!! ;-)

If someone can get through that, they deserve to have it, as a matter of fact i would hand over the keys to it and the sign the title over if anyone were able to get it ouside the fence. Without 8 people/ huge bolt cutters for the 2/0, and some really funky headed bits for the bolts/screws i used to mount it (undisclosed!).

Today really no progress just some glass in the kicks, had a little head unit trouble so i might be replacing my pioneer deh-880mp with a flip out dvd. Don't know y it went crayzie on me, i think the power antenna had something to do with it as it went up and down twice and then zzzzzz-squelch-zzz-squelch-zzzzz. I'll get to looking at it tomorrow. Hope not, it's only a year old and i have never had a problem with any of my pioneer HU's.

03-16-07, 12:26 AM
This may be a dumb question, but what are you glassing? It's rad, whatever it is. Are you laying wetted out glass/mat/fleece on that foil? Building up new custom interior panels for mounting your speakers? I am learning a lot and getting ideas from your posts. Thanks!

03-16-07, 12:51 AM
Yeah, at the stage of the last pics, i am fiberglassing resined fleece to the exact backing of the floor/kick so i can build a back for my kickpanels. then i will go in with a first layer of fiberglass mat drenched in resin for my second coat. then i will be able to do the 3/4th layer outside the car so i can get close to 1/4-1/2 inch thick solid material for the rear to seal up the small enclosure i am making for the 8" midbass woofers. They will handle the kickdrums and percussion that my 15's tuned so low lack. I am trying to get a certain air volume so the speakers can "brethe" a certain amount, and play the tones that i want out of them. In laymens terms.

I am going for straight sound quality, but i also some UMPH to back it up. When i get the audio all exactly how i want it i am heading on to video so watch out!