: Weird Acceleration 1985 fleetwood bro

02-16-07, 02:57 PM
here's the problem on my fleetwood, i changed all old vacuum lines as they were horrible, the car idles fine and doesn't shudder, i changed the cap and the rotor, and all the plugs and wires. still no fix the car doesn't go under load it is a very slow acceleration if any at times. I finally looked under the car after about a million or so obscenities and the tube coming out of the catalytic converter was completely corroded and ate through the tube, I have a new one coming today, could this be the culprit? any info helps

02-16-07, 03:39 PM
I dont think that will be your problem. You need to check a few things first. You need to check fuel pressure and flow. You need to check exhaust back pressure (likely a clogged cat), and you need to check for manifold vacuum going to te map sensor. The throttle bodies are known for cloggong up with carbon and giving the map sensor a false reading. ( ask me how I know)... I hope this helps...

02-16-07, 05:33 PM
I'll give it a try I have already checked the fuel pressure and it seems to be fine, I haven't checked the manifold vacuum, i figured I'd try the cat first, it needs one anyways and parts aren't too expensive, so I'll probably have a brand new car when I'm done! the car only has 65k on it and is very clean, thanks for the tip!