: I want to get a cheap spare

02-16-07, 01:45 PM
Any one have any ideas? I tried the tire rack and the Mille Miglias are no longer made. Guess I slept on this one too.

02-16-07, 02:03 PM
Check the classifieds.

02-16-07, 02:10 PM
Check the classifieds.

What he said.

You want to GET a cheap spare - steal one.

You want to BUY a cheap spare Ebay or do what HUSH said.


02-16-07, 02:23 PM
I would think by now the Jersey wreck yards would have a few Vs to pick from. Just dont look in the trunk.

02-16-07, 04:27 PM
I tried ebay about this time last year. The guy (upscale customs) is still selling atleast one of the set that I originally bought last year. then he decided I got too good of a deal..... Well he made some threats, I was none to appreciative and I haven't used ebay since.

I love the classified, but rims go too fast, I never get on it quick enough. I'm going to fla and want a spare.

Just dont look in the trunk. Funny you mention that. Maybe this time last year, a body of a mafia guy who was ratting was found in a trunk at a diner near me. Now word on the street has it another car has been parked there for a while...

02-16-07, 04:40 PM
i just bought a wheel about 2 weeks ago on ebay for 180 including shipping. then i bought a dunlop sport max for 130 from tire rack. now all i have to do is buy the list of stuff on tha faq site like jack ect. if you want i can see if i still have the ebay seller info so you can see if he has more. he was great in the tranaction. he even called me when i emailed him for some info on how to pay. i had the wheel 4 days after in great condition.

02-16-07, 04:44 PM
y\Yeah, i'm willing to bite on someone you'd suggest. Thanks.