: 76 Fleetwood windshield wiper problem

02-16-07, 08:26 AM

Got a 76 Fleetwood with the windshield wipers stuck in the middle of my windshield.

Checked the fuse - it's fine. When I hit the switch to turn on the wipers - I hear a faint click comming from somewhere inside the dash - but nothing happens.

It also looks that if you need to replace the wiper motor (if necessary) that you have to go under (or remove) the dashboard - is that correct?

I read somewhere that the wiper motors have a circuit breaker that should automatically reset itself (when motor gets too hot). Can it be manually reset?

Any thoughts / suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

02-16-07, 09:54 AM
I'm pretty sure the motor is replaced from under the hood, not the dash. Have you checked the connection at the motor for power? If it's good, my guess is that the motor is dead.