: SELOC/GA3S Southeast Track Day 3/4/07 Reynolds GA

02-15-07, 10:48 PM
South Eastern Lexus Owners Club & Georgia 3000GT/Stealth & host the 7th annual, 1st this year, SouthEast Track Day

http://www.southeasttra ckday.com/SponsorBook/sponsorheader.jpg (http:www.southeasttrackday.com)

SouthEast Track Day // A gathering of many auto enthusiasts, high end, and high performance vehicles that caravan out to Reynolds, GA to tune and compete against others during many runs, with cash prizes being awarded to the top places in the Quick 8 Elimination, as well as trophies for other recognizeable accomplishments.


When: Sunday, March 4th. The gates open at 10am, racing begins at 11am, runs and qualifying for the Quick 8 will be throughout the day, Quick 8 Eliminations will begin around 3pm, awards will immediatly follow.

Where: Silverdollar Raceway in Reynolds, GA.

Quick 8: The quickest 8 cars will compete for 4 top place cash prizes. Rules to enter the Quick 8 are on the website!
Other prizes: There will be a cash prize for the quickest RWD, FWD, and AWD of the day & there will be trophies for the quickest naturally aspirated 3/S, quickest forced induction 3/S, quickest naturally aspirated Lexus, quickest forced induction Lexus, and best reaction time!

Cost: It will be $22 if you pre-register on the website & $25 if you pay at the gate.

THE HOTEL (if needed)
The hotel is 2-3 miles from Travis & Sonya's house.
Best Western Peachtree City Inn/Suites
976 Crosstown Road
Peachtree City, Georgia 30269-2925
-Pet Policy: Pets allowed, $25.00 per night
-Parking can accomidate trailers
-Complimentary continental breakfast
-Complimentary newspaper
-High-speed Internet access
Through their website, www.bestwestern.com, the room rates for one king or two queen beds is $55.08.

& a sample of the second event we held in 2006

Our November 5, 2006 results:

Over 800 passes made.

Our Quick 8 Eliminations went as follows:
1. Pete Valperle - 74 Datsun 260Z - 10.445 @ 131.23 mph
2. Scott Preacher - Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG - 12.056 @ 121.20 mph
3. Matt Brannon - 93 Stealth TT - 11.839 @ 118.76 mph
4. Matthew Phillips - 00 Trans Am - 12.276 @ 119.43 mph
5. Patrycja Wodecka - 93 Toyota Supra - 12.198 @ 114.75 mph
6. Eddie Cooke - 04 Mercedes SL55 - 12.390 @ 116.40 mph
7. Martin Wisniewski - 95 Chevy Camaro - 12.651 @ 105.45 mph
8. Steve - 94 3000GT VR-4 - 15.363 @ 106.93 mph

Quickest Naturally Aspirated 3000GT/Stealth
Dustin Cornwell (3000GT SL)
15.545 @ 90.38 mph

Quickest Forced Induction 3000GT/Stealth
Chris @ 3SX Performance (3000GT VR-4)
9.683 @ 141.62 mph & a 1.385 60'

Quickest Naturally Aspirated Lexus
Richard Williams (IS350)

Quickest Forced Induction Lexus
Jaime Robledo (GS400)
13.029 @109 mph

Quickest Naturally Aspirated Mercedes Benz
Bill Trouard (SLK55)

Quickest Forced Induction Mercedes Benz
Scott Preacher (SL65)

Best Mercedes Benz Reaction Time
Richard Ingram (E55 AMG)
0.013 R/T

Best Reaction Time
(Hyabusa) .000

Quickest Front Wheel Drive
Richard Hopson @ Barefoot Racing (92 Stealth FWD TT)
13.136 @ 112.20mph

Quickest All Wheel Drive
Chris @ 3SX Performance (3000GT VR-4)
9.683 @ 141.62mph & a 1.385 60'

Quickest Rear Wheel Drive
Pete Valperle (Datsun 260Z)
10.445 @ 131.23mph


02-15-07, 10:49 PM

This is a luxury/high performance meet so I would like to invite Cadillac drivers to this event. Some of you maybe drag newbies or experts. Its a great time to run your car at the track with some enthusiasts.:)

02-25-07, 09:49 PM

Directions for those not meeting at the Varsity for the Caravan.

02-27-07, 02:50 PM
Would love to go, but I'm not up for replacing my rear diff right now, which is sure to leave a trail parts down the length of the track. May come out just to watch.

02-27-07, 11:34 PM
Would love to go, but I'm not up for replacing my rear diff right now, which is sure to leave a trail parts down the length of the track. May come out just to watch.

Cool, it is fun to watch. We do it twice a year, the 2nd event is in the fall.:thumbsup:

03-05-07, 02:15 PM
Just wanted to thank any of you that made it out today, it was a great turnout with some FANTASTIC enthusiasts and people out and we had some great times run, some people near 15 runs!!! Total prize money given away was $1000 along with trophies and other goodies. Times and pics will be up shortly over at http://seloc.net and http://southeasttrackday.com.
We will be hosting part 2 of this years events in the fall so start your preparation now :)

Official list of winners will be out shortly. Thanks again!!