: inpressive launch '78 deville

02-15-07, 10:35 AM
video here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HicEU9snPcc)

02-15-07, 10:53 AM

02-15-07, 10:55 AM
Nice! 10.56 too. Is it Cadillac powered? Or any idea?

I watch Jim Hand with his 71 LeMans wagon with a iron headed (#64) 455 Pontiac that runs 11.5's.


It shows that both of these cars know how to make our rear suspension hook!

02-15-07, 09:17 PM
I've seen other vids of that car, it has a '73 Cadillac 500 under the hood.

02-15-07, 11:56 PM
Nice! That would make a great daily driver.

And yes, I would get the license plate "Z06 KLR" or "WRX KLR" just to be rather provoking....

02-16-07, 05:57 PM
That's fantastic.

Old Fleetwood
02-16-07, 06:27 PM
I just showed the video to my wife and she got an evil grin across her face!

02-16-07, 08:22 PM
I showed the vid to the GF. She is now REALLY convinced that I should not buy the car.

Let me just hijack my own thread; I was going to pick up my '73 caddy on wednesday, I didn't because it was raining (wipers don't work). I went over today, and as he started it, the timing chain started jumping and the (original) sprocket broke. He'll fix it, but how worried should I be about valves having hit the pistons?

BTW the caddy looks to be in reasonable shape, appearance wise, a few rustspots, but that is to be expected I guess. Vinyl top looks really good, but there are a few bumps under it (rust?) Chrome still looks really good. It will need a paint job at some point.
Tranny rebuild about 4000 miles ago, new brake shoes and drums all around. will need new tires soon, and front tires are wearing round on the inside (easy fix?)

I'll be paying $2000 for this car. I can spare this money, but can't really afford to put more than say $200 in each month.

What do you guys think? I love it, I want it, but is it wise?


Old Fleetwood
02-16-07, 10:49 PM
Others on this BB can tell you if the motor is a "non-interference" type; that is, if the chain jumped and a valve banged into a piston or NOT. That would be the decider. And if the seller is anxious to fix it, that makes me a tiny bit leery wondering if - just perhaps - a valve(s) might have been bent a tiny bit.
But those on this BB who know more about that particular motor can tell you more than I can.
As for bubbles in the paint; that's sure as hell = rust beneath (unless it's some new kind of insect laying eggs under auto paint).
What about door hinge pins? Badly worn? Pedals worn as if to correspond to mileage? Moldy smell (any possibility of a "flooder?")
Tires: Wear on outside edges usually= underinflation. Wear down the middle usually means overinflation. Cupping can mean alignment or suspension problems.
Got a sharp mechanic buddy who can go over it and help you?
And most of all - - - don't look too anxious!
Good luck!:thumbsup:

02-17-07, 02:33 AM
that yellow caddy belongs to a guy named shawn in Ohio. It is currently running alcohol I believe with a 10.36 quarter time. The entire car has been worked over and is pretty impressive. The motor is far from stock, but is a 500 cubic inch caddy. your 73 would be no where close to this fast, but it is pretty quick for its size. Are you looking at an Eldorado or deville or what?

02-17-07, 12:24 PM
I have NEVER seen a underhead cam timing chain EVER jump. I don't think it is POSSIBLE that it can jump time. The amount if slack needed would massive. To a point the engine likely wouldn't run or run well at all. But to actually JUMP time, I don't think it is possible. Unless the gears are worn down so much, then yes, but just a slack chain I don't think it can happen.

GM did use a lot of fiberglass timing gears in the 70's and they were common to strip.

Easy check, if you can remove a valve cover, or peek inside an oil filler cap and look at the rockers and crank the engine. If they ARE rocking, then pull the cap and watch the rotor turning, it should also line up with TDC on the balancer and #1.

02-17-07, 04:59 PM
Maybe jumping is not the right word. The old sprocket just lost some teeth here and there.

The car I was looking at is a '73 coupe deville. It's got about 80k on it.

02-17-07, 05:06 PM
That's pretty low for a big block caddy. I know a guy with over 300,000 on a 425 and still going STRONG.

02-18-07, 01:49 AM
On a car that old your going to run into stupid problems, no matter how well taken care of something is, age is a killer and sooner or later it wins. You wont be doing any wheelies with that car, and im pretty sure it will have the 472 in it, but it will impress the hell out of you performance wise just the same. My car has the 472 and weighs in around 6000 lbs, and most of my friends say are you F*&^ing kidding me when the realize how quick it is.