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02-14-07, 11:26 AM
I found an interesting fact last night on my way home through the blizzard that is rocking the mid-west, if you get ice on the rear bumper, it causes the backup warning to go off constantly like when you're very near something when you are in reverse. I was rocking my ride trying to get out of a snowpile left by a plow when this happened. It startled me at first because I thougt maybe someone was right behind me (wouldn't have been the first time that evening that someone was on my butt) until I realized what it was. I cleaned the sensors off and it stopped. I've got a'05, V6 RWD and was happy to find that with 150 lbs. of tube snad in the back and traction control, I really didn't need AWD.

02-14-07, 07:19 PM
That is interesting, now move to Florida!!! :)

02-15-07, 09:26 AM
yeah ice & dirt can cause them to go off.

02-15-07, 11:53 AM
In an effort to add redundancy to this post.

They also go off when towing a trailer, and going in reverse.

Supposedly corrected by a "towing mode" button. Now when in "tow mode" the back-up sensors are disabled. ..