View Full Version : Free Nav DVD for Certified Buyers

02-14-07, 11:20 AM
:stirpot: After seeing a reference to a one time free DVD upgrade to Certified Buyers, I did my research. It is true. If the purchase was made after April '06 you are entitled to ONE free DVD compliments of Cadillac. My dealer knew nothing about this and, according to the Customer Service Rep I spoke to, it is a direct deal with the Nav Disk people, dealers are not even aware of this it seems.

:bouncy: Here is what you do. Call the Nav Disk number 1-877-628-3472 and explain that you purchased your Certified vehicle but did not get the DVD after the prescribed 30 days.....it is supposed to be automatic, give them VIN info, etc and they will send ONE to you.....as simple as that.

:eyebrow: As a newbie to this forum, thanks for all the "usually" good info....this is my way of saying thanks.