: 07 ESV Power Side Steps Y or N?

02-13-07, 04:20 PM
anyone have any comments on whether they are worth it?

I think i like the look with the standard integrated running boards?



02-13-07, 04:32 PM
I like the look of the integrated running boards. I think the power retractable ones are just another thing that could break.

02-13-07, 04:35 PM
They look sleek when driving, I turned them down on my replacement Escalade because I am in deep snow often, and seen them break on a friends Lincoln, and the standard running boards block things from being thrown down the side of the truck

02-13-07, 04:45 PM
I got and 07 EXT a month ago and got it with the power running boards and I am so happy, because the truck looks very slick and clean, but Cadillac had an issue with the power running boards and yesterday the updated the computer in my truck an is all cool.

02-13-07, 10:02 PM
dont like the power running board since it makes the side look to plain Jane...imo

02-13-07, 11:27 PM
anyone have any comments on whether they are worth it?

I think i like the look with the standard integrated running boards?



i like they way they look
so no im keeping them stock

02-14-07, 08:46 PM
I agree with whoever said the Power ones are just another thing to break, and my foot usually hits the board for about 2 seconds because I usually hop in pretty quick so its not worth the extra 1,500 (?) dollars to me, but were buying another escalade this summer so I might try them out at the dealer and see if I like them

02-14-07, 08:57 PM
Thats my point I don't think they'll hold up after a year or two. I plan on keeping the Escalade for 3 years or until the warranty is up. I don't want to have it sitting at the dealer to keep having them replaced. I know the Navigators have alot of problems with them I know GM probably did a better job but I live in Michigan and I'm afraid that they might get iced up.

02-15-07, 07:51 AM
It's all about whether or not you like the looks! If you're worried about things that can break, you shouldn't own a car newer than 1970! I just spent 45 days in Michigan and didn't have a single problem with them. They were iced up, muddy, packed with snow and still they deployed every time. I love them. As I've stated in previous posts, there are only two things (other than how they look) that people should be warned about. You cannot deploy them without opening a door so it is difficult to clean them unless you have a pressure washer. The second is that when you are driving in anything other than dry roads, all the mud/slush/snow etc... gets flung up from the front tires onto the top of the side steps (the part you step on). I will find a fix for this.

02-15-07, 08:50 AM
I would suggest not getting them. Look hideous. and copeysnack 2003 you can deploy them all the time, one of our customers wanted them out all the time, and it looks even worse like that! If they were a litte more bulkier and suck out more to give a edge to the bottom of the truck they might not be that bad.

02-15-07, 12:50 PM
How do you keep them deployed all the time? It isn't in the manual and when you turn them off while they are deployed, they automatically retract.

I think they look great:)