: Wind deflector panel

02-13-07, 02:41 PM
The plastic trip panel that covers the nuts and bolts when you open the front doors, they shield the back door. What is the material they are made of? Is it ABS plastic, PVC or other? Mine snapped in two and I need to repair it, it looks terrible.

Old Fleetwood
02-13-07, 08:23 PM
On some of those types of repairs, if it's a "crosswise" repair on long pieces, I've had luck sanding the back side lightly to put "tooth" on it then cutting a small piece of shim brass stock as backing slightly smaller than the area sanded as backing and reinforcement.
Then, using a good grade of super glue, preferably the gap filling kind you can get at model airplane hobby shops, sand the shim brass as well and put the two plastic pieces together, bond the brass backing to those plastic parts for the few moments it takes to bond everything together (be damn sure you don't bond your own fingers) and re-attach that part back on your car.
You may have to - carefully - cut away excess glue squeezed thru the crack at the glue joint where the two plastic parts came together, but you can do a decent job if you're careful and the colors are right.
I've done such fixes on my boats with PVC, and even Vinyl, the floppy kind, and it held.
Good luck
The alternative is, of course, a trip to the boneyard!:thumbsup: