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02-13-07, 11:12 AM
I just wanted to put this out for potential EXT buyers...

When I purchased my 07 EXT a few months ago, I didn't know anything about navigation units. I had never seen or used them before. All I knew is that my EXT had navigation, and I loved it.

After looking at pretty much every vehicle under $60K that comes with navigation for my girlfriend, I love my EXT's navigation even more! Just having the touch screen feature alone puts the EXT above all others we looks at (Honda, Volkswagen, Pontiac, Chevy, Audi, Volvo, etc...). Not to mention the crisp, colorful screen, ease of use and on and on.

So, although I complain about all the little things I wish my EXT had (auto down on windows, better key fob, better head phones, under-the-hood light), this vehicle is definately a step above most and the navigation absolutely rocks!

02-13-07, 12:49 PM
thats good your happy homie......

02-13-07, 01:59 PM
The Navigation is great. It's better than my wife's in her Toyota, better than the nav in my 06 EXT and personally, I like it better than my handheld TomTom.

02-13-07, 02:42 PM
yeah if u NEED touch screen for your girlfriend look at toyotas they have touch screens and lexus too!!! (get an is350)

02-13-07, 09:19 PM
I would agree the NAV is much better then most. I have NAV in my Infiniti FX and my SRT-10 has the AVIC-3 and I think the EXT's is superior.

02-14-07, 08:56 AM
I have an 07 EXT and an 07 BMW 335. The Nav in the EXT is much easier to use. I also think that it is far superior tp follow the directions then the Bemmer.

Now if they can just fix the wind noise from the side windows.

02-14-07, 09:06 AM
So do all 07's have the wind noise issue? I love my 04 and have no wind noise issues. I have a 2001 Sport Trac and the wind noise is awful!!! My wife wants to get an 07 but I can not even imagine another ride with noise issues.

02-14-07, 12:50 PM
i must say i do think that the nav in my 97 ESV is whole lot better than my RangeRover nav:thumbsup: